Radio Advertising

Reach consumers over the airwaves, both traditionally and digitally

At Youtech, we still believe in the power of the radio. Nothing compares in its incredible ability to convey a message to your audience. Through radio, you can maintain your desired voice, tone, and message—for a seamless extension of your brand. We use a combination of :15s, :30s, :60s, and :120s ads to effectively reach your target audience.

You’ll have the opportunity to appear on news radio, talk radio, sports radio, Top 40 hits, country, R&B radio, and more. With no spend minimums and no copy maximums, we can create a campaign that is perfect for you. The best part—we’ll be able to clearly and accurately determine your ROI.

On-air reads, sponsorship, giveaways, and freebies
Dayparting and A/B Testing
Professional voiceovers and scriptwriting
Identify how many additional users visited your website within 8 minutes of hearing a commercial on-air

We Work With





Cumulus media

Cumulus Medi



Pandora radio



What You’ll Receive

Ad Creation
Expert Media Buying Talent
Campaign Performance
Market Research
Tailored Strategy
Custom Goal-Driven Analytics

Our Process

Step 1

We will set up an initial meeting with you to better understand your business and what you’d like to accomplish.

Step 2

We’ll craft a radio advertising plan with targeted placements relevant to your business & industry.

Step 3

Next, we’ll write scripts and professionally voice all spots. Then, we will implement all call tracking, location targeting, and goal tracking methods.

Step 4

Execute the campaigns.

Step 5

After executing the campaigns, we will do ongoing A/B testing and optimizations. Out specialists will focus on specific aspects of your campaign to increase performance over time.

Campaign Setup

Budget Forecasting

Based on the consumers we will be targeting, we forecast potential results through our partners.

Analytics/Goal Tracking

Create and test goals to ensure they are properly working and tracking within Google Analytics. Institute call tracking.

Ad Creation

Creating multiple variations of ads.

Campaign Management

Advanced audience targeting
Real-time visibility and control
Professional scripting and voiceoverS
Ad monitoring
A/B testing
Conversion tracking
Monthly reporting and analytics

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