Whether searching for answers or products, it’s not an overstatement to say consumers turn to the Internet for just about everything. Use programmatic advertising to scale your business, streamline the user online buying process, and funnel leads into sales.

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Display advertising has quickly become one of the most wildly popular advertising methods. We know that users turn to the internet to find everything. Whether they are looking to buy products or find answers, programmatic advertising (as a form of display advertising) can help scale your business and streamline the digital buying process.

Our Programmatic Services.

Programmatic Ads.

Youtech’s data-driven approach leverages more efficient identification and targeting for real-time, cost-effective bidding. We perform custom reporting and set up an analytics dashboard to give you transparent, 24/7 access to your TV and digital campaign performance. Monitor specific locations to analyze impressions, click-through rates, and much more.


Pinpoint your customers by creating a “virtual fence” around various locations. Whether you’re targeting market hotspots such as retailers and businesses or specific geographic areas your customers live in, geofencing allows you to serve programmatic advertisements to the right people at the right time.

OTT/Connected TV Ads.

Nowadays, consumers access their favorite TV shows, live sporting events, new movie releases, and more through streaming services. With our help, you can target their physical addresses through GPS data or based on demographics, keywords, context, and other online behavior to serve precise OTT Ads.

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