Email Marketing

Use AI-powered tools to trigger sends at the perfect moment. Hit subscriber inboxes when it matters most.

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Segmented emails drive 30% more opens
and 50% more click throughs than
unsegmented ones

Send Beautiful Emails

See how you can improve workflows, segmentation, copy, and more with a free audit.

Sophisticated workflows powered by AI
Custom API connections
Professional copywriting and design
Coordinate email and SMS together
Experience in dozens of email marketing platforms
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Email Marketing

Versatile Solutions

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to email.

email templates

Email Templates

Want to send your own emails, but need to spruce up the format and design? Purchase a few email templates to use however you want.

email workflows

Email Workflows

Set up automated triggers to segment, send, or tag your audience based on their activity. Sync with other systems to ensure your data is always up to date.

email recurring

Recurring & One-Off Emails

Send a weekly or monthly newsletter and want it off your plate? Looking to shoot out a few sales emails? Plan an entire quarter out ahead of time and we’ll run on autopilot.

online marketing

Pair With Other Marketing

Email is the perfect complement to marketing acquisition channels that drive traffic. If a user isn’t going to take the full journey toward a purchase, it’s best to capture their email and market to them until they do.

Insights that Matter

Instantly read and react with our fully customizable analytics dashboard, Youlytics.

Easy to visualize data all in one place
Fully customizable
See how each creative stacks up
Monthly insights on trends—direct from our Client Services team

Our experience with Youtech has been phenomenal! We started working with them last year to design and build our website. We launched in February and currently Youtech is handling all of the digital marketing, sales have been trending very well.

Wilbur is always available to jump in when needed and genuinely cares about the success of your business and the efficiency of your spend. Our Project Manager Maddie is the best! Her follow-up is amazing, never gets frazzled and is very knowledgeable about ecommerce and digital marketing. She treats us like we are her only client, but we are not! We are very fortunate for this amazing partnership!

Kim Bradly



Open Rate


Click Rate

143% YoY

Increase in Transactions


Return on Ad Spend

Midwest Vision Partners
Midwest Vision Partners

Increase in Leads

Heavy Equipment Colleges of America
Heavy Equipment Colleges of America

Increase in Total Traffic



Years as an Award-Winning Agency

Never underestimate their abilities because they can find a solution to make ideas a reality.

The redesigned website offers users a smoother online purchasing process, while email newsletters and social media feeds have experienced promising growth trends. Youtech provides an accessible and multitalented staff. Future clients can anticipate a communicative and reliable partner.

Adam Marosi

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