Meet Your Potential Team

Sharp-Minded, Hardworking, Passionate—and a Touch of Fun.

Delivering real results isn’t a one-person journey; it takes a team. Our strength comes from our diversity. Our team is comprised of different backgrounds, experiences, age and ideas. No two minds are alike, which allows us to provide more effective marketing. We’ve helped over 1,000+ customers turn their marketing around. Let’s do the same for you.


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Our Leadership Team.

We make meeting your potential a seamless job.

Wilbur You

Wilbur You.

Chief Executive Officer.

Lauren Adewole

Lauren Adewole.

Chief Operating Officer.

Michael Norris

Michael Norris.

Chief Marketing Officer.

Nathin Arthur

Nathin Arthur.

VP of Design & Development.

Eric Siemek

Eric Siemek.

VP of Marketing.

Frank Hilgers

Frank Hilgers.

VP of Technology.

Our Management Team.

Every team needs a solid foundation.

Tarik Rahman

Tarik Rahman.

Director of Paid Search.

Tara Hughes

Tara Hughes.

Director of Search.

Babs Stucker

Babs Stucker.

Creative Director.

Ian Zymarakis Director of Paid Social

Ian Zymarakis.

Director of Paid Social.

Hannah Carr

Hannah Carr.

Director of Content.

Sarah Pearlstein

Sarah Pearlstein.

SEO Manager.

Steve Kujawa

Steve Kujawa.

Sales Manager.

Shawn Herrick

Shawn Herrick.

Digital Strategy Manager.

Megan Sutton

Megan Sutton.

Paid Social Manager.

Eduardo Fernandez

Eduardo Fernandez.

Technology Manager.

Camille Roubik

Camille Roubik.

Senior Web Designer.

Arturo senior web developer

Arturo Hurtado.

Senior Web Designer.

Elizabeth Weatherby

Elizabeth Weatherby.

Senior SEO Specialist.

AJ Ortega Senior PPC specialist

AJ Ortega.

Senior PPC Specialist.

Rahul Trivedi senior search engine optimization (SEO) specialist

Rahul Trivedi.

Senior SEO Specialist.


Audrey Roubik.

Client Services Manager.

Erika Kalpakoff

Erika Kalpakoff.

Client Services Manager.

Dan Aspan

Dan Aspan.

Client Services Manager.

Carrie Draper

Carrie Draper.

Senior Project Manager.

Renee senior project manager

Renee Allegretti.

Senior Project Manager.

Brian Lendino Senior Project Manager

Brian Lendino.

Senior Project Manager.

Jill Harlan

Jill Harlan.

HR Manager.

Manjiri Deshpande

Manjiri Deshpande.

Accounting Manager.

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