Holiday Campaign Success: An ROAS of 259.48% Despite an 80% Budget Slash

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The Problem

Nutramedix supplies powerful natural remedies to people around the world. With the 2022 holiday season coming up, they wanted to hit the same numbers they hit in 2021, but they didn’t have as much budget to allocate.

The Goal

Despite less budget to spend on campaigns, the goal was to make 300k in total revenue in November.

Nutramedix Goal

The Strategy

Youtech built a custom PPC, SEO, and paid social ad strategy to hit the client’s goals. Through running Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, as well as using SEO to ramp awareness leading up to November, a successful marketing strategy was created.

Technical SEO optimizations
On-page optimizations
Competitor monitoring
Focusing on keywords with low keyword difficulty but high search rate
Ramping up allocated budget gradually leading up to holiday sales
New, customized campaign messaging
Alignment of holiday sale ad copy with website copy
Social Ads
A full-funnel approach to Facebook strategy
Use of traffic, conversion and retargeting campaigns to target customers in all stages of the buying process

The Results

Total Revenue in November: 312K

Nutramedix sought to achieve the same sales results as the previous year during the upcoming holiday season but with a limited budget. Youtech was hired to develop a custom marketing strategy using PPC, SEO, and paid social advertising. The strategy included various on-page optimization techniques such as image compression, internal linking, and schema markup to improve search engine rankings and comply with FDA regulations. Additionally, Youtech targeted low-hanging fruit keywords to increase visibility and sales.

Youtech is a true partner! They talk the talk and walk the walk. Youtech has genuinely been a great partner for our business.

Since transitioning to Youtech, we have seen our ROAS increase by at least 3x what they were before. They have helped us with numerous digital efforts, including programmatic ads, paid search, and social to a new platform migration to Shopify. They are indeed a company that stands behind supporting its customers. Youtech is a collaborative and forward-thinking company. We are excited about our continued partnership with them!

SEO Results

Image compression, internal linking, and schema markup
On-page optimization in compliance with FDA regulations
Optimization of low-hanging fruits, keywords with lower keyword difficulty but fairly high search volume that competitors might not be using




website sessions


website users


top keywords

Nutramedix SEO Results

PPC Results

Gradually increasing budget before the holiday sales went live to prevent any dramatic learning changes that may offset how campaigns optimized
Unique campaign messaging, copy, and assets that highlighted the sales










return on ad spend

Nutramedix PPC Results

Social Ads Results

Utilized a full-funnel Facebook strategy to capture customers in the awareness stage, consideration stage, and decision stage
Running traffic, conversion, and retargeting campaigns throughout November








link clicks

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