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Connecting your customers and potential customers through engaging wording is necessary. Over 75% of internet users regularly read blog posts and are searching for content that appeals to their interests and answers their questions. Content marketing services help companies go beyond their product offerings by building trust and establishing credibility in their respective industries.

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Youtech + Content = Customers For Life.

Youtech offers content marketing agency services to help you create on-brand content that engages your audience and creates lifelong customers. On a monthly basis, our SEO team will conduct research and generate content topics based on our findings. The number of blog posts written per month depends on the package you choose. Our rule of thumb? The more the merrier.


We begin your project by diving deep into your blog and conducting research on your target audience. Then, we look into industry trends and buzzwords to ensure we’re grabbing the attention of your customers. During this phase, you will complete a Blog Discovery Form that will establish your project’s foundation.


During the discovery phase, we work to understand your vision and you to understand the work we’re completing. We will also review your completed Blog Discovery Form and go on to create a robust content strategy. This phase includes:

Conceptualization of blog post topics
Creation of a content strategy
Selection of blog post topics

Content Creation & Approval.

Now, Youtech brings the plan to life. During this phase, our team of content specialists generates blog posts, identifies images to support the written content, and shares blog post connect and supporting images with your team.

Recurring Tasks.

Each month, Youtech’s team will gather and send a Google Analytics report outlining the success of each blog post. In addition, all content is shared with you for review on a monthly basis.

Content Marketing Services Packages

Standard Blog Content Generation – Two (2) 500-Word Posts/Month.

Are you looking for something simple to kickstart your business’s blog content? In our Standard Blog Content Generation package our team creates a few blog posts per month to start getting content on your page.

Monthly reporting
One (1) graphic or stock image curation
Content generation
Ideation of five (5) topics
Industry buzzword research

Business Blog Content Generation – Three (3) 500-Word Posts/Month.

Consistent content leads to consistently engaged customers. The Business Blog Content Generation package allows you to reach your audience through frequent and engaging blog content. Along with written content, this package also includes additional blog topics to choose from.

Industry buzzword research
Ideation of five (10) topics
Content generation
One (1) graphic or stock image curation
Monthly reporting

Premium Blog Content Generation – Four (4) 500-Word Posts/Month.

Are you ready to get serious with content for your audience? This Premium Blog Content package allows you to become your customer’s go-to source for information and content beyond your product offerings. This package includes an in-depth content strategy plan to drive the longevity of your monthly blog topics and content.

Content strategy
Two (2) graphic or stock image curation
Content generation
Ideation of ten (10) topics
Industry buzzword research
Monthly reporting

Individual Blog Content Generation.

Sometimes events occur in the world or something exciting happens in your business’s industry. For these unplanned events, one-off blog posts are necessary. Stay up-to-date with the latest news and events by having relatable content to show your customers that you’re the go-to source for everything happening in your industry.

These offerings can be added on to any of the above Content Generation packages

Custom graphics or infographics
Publishing blog post(s) on your website
Social media post captions

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