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Local College’s Enroll Rate Skyrockets from 1% to 7% in Five Months

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The Problem

Blue Cliff College, a trade school in Louisiana and Mississippi, was spending a ton of marketing dollars—but not seeing any results. Their enrollment rate was even struggling to hit 1%. For the money they were spending, they didn’t see the necessary return.

The Goal

Blue Cliff College wanted to increase its lead quality to hit an enrollment rate of 12%, all while cutting the budget by up to 50%. They wanted their CPA under $100. Overall, they needed to get the word out about their programs to stay profitable.

Blue Cliff College - The Goal

The Strategy

Youtech re-evaluated Blue Cliff College’s entire marketing strategy and performed an overhaul in the three biggest places they were losing money.

Added more long-tail, specific keywords
Worked on NAP accuracy
Optimized and updated GMB profiles
Revised content strategy and intended audience
Custom schema creation
Trimmed down from 18,000 ads to 328 ads
Simplified account by getting rid of unnecessary old campaigns
Restructured audiences and keywords
Social Ads
Created an entirely new account with a new pixel
Streamlined and simplified targeting by focusing on specific programs from the college
Improved creative and copy used in running ads; more CTA-driven language

The Results

Blue Cliff College, a trade school with locations in Louisiana and Mississippi, was struggling with low enrollment rates and poor return on investment from their marketing efforts. Their objective was to maximize lead quality and achieve a 12% enrollment rate despite reducing the budget by 50%. They implemented a range of methods to achieve this goal, including modifying their keyword selection, enhancing NAP accuracy, optimizing GMB profiles/local directories, revising content strategy, and creating custom schema. Additionally, they re-structured their Google Ads account and saw a significant decrease in cost per lead, as well as more qualified leads. Within a short period of time, we took their Facebook advertising to a whole new level by setting up a new ad account and targeting potential customers based on their interests. This resulted in an impressive 31% decrease in the cost per lead.

Blue Cliff College

Our experience with Youtech has been phenomenal. They took the time to understand our goals, business, and desired state, and we have been on a roll ever since.

The quality of inquiry, the tracking of metrics, and the people involved with the company set them apart. We have seen a 26% increase in the inquiry-to-close rate in the first three months and I expect that to continue as we are seeing some locations starting to hit weekly 50% and 60% rates.

SEO Results

Revised keyword set by adding more long tail terms in current set and worked on GEO Specific and “Near me” specific keywords.
Worked on NAP accuracy that has brought more local signals towards the site.
Optimized GMB profiles with up-to-date information and kept those details consistent throughout the other local directories to acquire more local impressions and more local clicks.
Revised content strategy by considering the right audience set and intent. That helped us to reach more closer to our right users.
Worked on custom schema creation that helped us achieve more “ZERO Positions” and more PAA spots.


website sessions


website users


form submissions


mobile traffic

Blue Cliff College - SEO Results

PPC Results

Re-structured the entire Google Ads account. The previous agency had about 18,000 ads running, which is unnecessary and not conducive to results. After simplifying the account, and trimming off the least efficient ads and keywords, we almost immediately saw a significant (24%) decrease in cost per lead. Blue Cliff College also reported even more qualified leads after Youtech took over their Google Ads advertising.






conversions with -30% budget

Blue Cliff College - PPC Results

Social Ads

When taking over paid Facebook ads for Blue Cliff College, the team at our higher education marketing agency created an entirely new ad account with a new pixel. Since we need time to build our pixel data, we started off targeting based on interests rather than lookalike audiences or retargeting website visitors. During the first month of running Facebook ads (October ‘22) on a new ad account, we had a CPL of $94.61. Two months later, we saw that CPL decreased by 31% to around $65.

We split targeting out by specific programs so that we can target the correct audience and drive them to the program’s landing page.
We updated ad creatives and ad copy to highlight the main benefits of each program in an eye-catching way. Additionally, we included a clear CTA to encourage users to take action today.



Blue Cliff College - Social Ads

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