Next Door & Window


Next Door & Window is the leader in the home improvement industry for homes, entry doors, and house siding. Family-owned since 1947, Next Door & Window has helped homeowners throughout Naperville, Illinois, and nearby areas boost the curb appeal, functionality, and energy efficiency of their homes with contemporary upgrades that are built to last.



Date Started

July 2018



Drive New Leads

Next Door & Window came to Youtech to improve their ROI with Google Ads. With their previous agency, they were experiencing 9 appointments scheduled at a $10,000 budget with 2 closed coming out to a $5,000 CPA (cost per acquisition). The company was most interested in creating a new campaign structure to drive new leads for both windows and doors.


The Youtech team started managing Next Door & Window Google Ads account and within the first 30 days, Youtech dropped their CPA (cost per acquisition) 91% and increased their profitability over 63%. Quickly afterward Next Door started Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase organic leads and local ranking.


Building out a specific SEO content plan for individual product pages focusing on targeted keywords, structure, and competitor research to increase overall organic keyword ranking and traffic. We also focus on a structured backlinking plan utilized to drive high-quality backlinks to related product pages to increase page authority and ultimately increase keyword ranking.


We devised a strategic campaign/AdGroups strategy allowing us to target windows and doors keywords. The AdGroups and campaigns were created to be hyperspecific to each individual product allowing for higher quality scores & ad relevancy and to lower wasted spend on their PPC campaigns.

By the Numbers

Let’s shed some light on our efforts and show our true colors. Youtech is becoming more and more data-driven by the day to configure the most effective ways to use ad spend. The smartest person in the room doesn’t always spend the most money; we know it’s the small details that make a difference. The effect this can have on your profitability is like installing a new set of windows that instantly opens up your home in ways you didn’t know were possible.

Decreased CPA (cost per acquisition)


Increased profitability


The Marketing Agency Next Door

What makes a good neighbor? Someone considerate, friendly, trustworthy, and reliable. In other words, a good neighbor is a good friend. We not only consider ourselves your neighbor, but your friends who know you best and do what’s necessary in your time of need. If you’re looking for something different, look no further than next door.

Knock, Knock.

Who’s there? Youtech.