Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

Daily account attention. Track from click to customer.

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Google Premier Partner

See the Difference

As Google Premier Partners, we’re officially backed by Google as one of the top 3% of agencies in the nation. If this wasn’t true, Google wouldn’t allow us to say it on our website.

In your account every day—no set it and forget it
Full-funnel approach with thought given to all campaign types
Dedicated landing pages built for conversion
Enterprise-level budget control
Professional copywriters, designers, and strategists
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Unparalleled Data

What happens after a user hits your website is an often overlooked component of successful PPC campaigns. Optimize your campaigns with data that goes well beyond the norm.

Call Tracking

Best-in-Class Call Tracking

We partner with CallRail for best-in-class call tracking. Gain more transparency to optimize toward, and feed calls over a designated length as conversions back into Google’s smart bidding for better overall performance. Numbers swap dynamically to show you which clicks are leading to calls down to the keyword level.

Offline Conversions

Offline Conversion Tracking

VERY few agencies actually take advantage of this feature within Google Ads. Feed data back into Google based on actions your leads take further down the funnel. If a lead turns into a sale, this data is then directed back into Google Ads for better targeting & performance. By enabling this two-way data sharing within Google Ads & your CRM, you end up with better-optimized bidding strategies.

guaranteed monthly backlinks

Preserved UTMs

When a user clicks through a landing page, a UTM parameter tells Google where this person came from. In most cases, this tracking is lost if the user then navigates away from the page. Using Google Tag Manager, we’ve developed a solution that preserves this UTM string across pages so keyword and GCLID data is never stripped away.


Heatmapping & Recordings

Sometimes raw numbers just don’t cut it. Use screen recordings to provide an actual look at anonymized user sessions and determine points of friction in the buying process. Heat maps give insight into aggregated click data so you can determine just how far users are scrolling and what they’re most interested in.

Insights that Matter

Instantly read and react with our fully customizable analytics dashboard, Youlytics.

Easy to visualize data all in one place
Fully customizable
See how each creative stacks up
Monthly insights on trends—direct from our Client Services team

Youtech is a true partner! They talk the talk and walk the walk. Youtech has genuinely been a great partner for our business.

Since transitioning to Youtech, we have seen our ROAS increase by at least 3x what they were before. They have helped us with numerous digital efforts, including programmatic ads, paid search, and social to a new platform migration to Shopify. They are indeed a company that stands behind supporting its customers. Youtech is a collaborative and forward-thinking company. We are excited about our continued partnership with them!

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Shapiro Law
Shapiro Law

Conversion Rate

Next Door & Window
Next Door & Window




Blue Cliff College
Blue Cliff College


Bing Partners

Bing Partners

As Microsoft Advertising Partners, we understand the nuances of Bing when compared to Google.

Expand search volume for your best-performing keywords on Google
Leverage LinkedIn audience data
Generally cheaper than Google
Certified professional support

PPC Kickoff

Our PPC kickoff follows these steps:

Creative brief development
Landing page development
Ad production
Image/video editing & creation
Conversion tracking & testing
Campaign buildout
Test lead confirmation
QA checkup

Ongoing PPC

After kickoff, we perform the following ongoing work:

Landing Page Optimizations
Heatmap Analysis
Competitor Landscape
Bounce Rate
Budget Recommendations
Campaign Performance Analysis
Budget Reallocation
Increase/Decrease Based on ROAS
Keyword Performance
Analyze Underperforming Keywords
Add/Test New Keywords
Search Term Report Analysis
Impression Share
Top of Page Rate
Search Multi-Check
Ad Content
Ad Extension
Account Recommendations
Google Analytics
Ensure Goals are Firing

Customized Reporting

Receive real-time reports that cover all of the following metrics:

Conversion Rate
Form Fills
Anything else we can pull into a dashboard

Ad Types

Gain access to the full suite of Google Ads & beta tests.

Performance Max
Demand Gen
Video (YouTube)


Years as an Award-Winning Agency

Our experience with Youtech has been phenomenal! We started working with them last year to design and build our website. We launched in February and currently Youtech is handling all of the digital marketing, sales have been trending very well.

Wilbur is always available to jump in when needed and genuinely cares about the success of your business and the efficiency of your spend. Our Project Manager Maddie is the best! Her follow-up is amazing, never gets frazzled and is very knowledgeable about ecommerce and digital marketing. She treats us like we are her only client, but we are not! We are very fortunate for this amazing partnership!

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