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The Problem

Shapiro Law Team, a Scottsdale-based personal injury law firm, was disheartened by their previous agency’s lack of results. They weren’t seeing the lead generation and conversions they needed.

The Goal

Shapiro Law Team wanted to grow their inbound PPC leads and have a more meaningful agency-client relationship.

Shapiro Law Team Goals

The Strategy

The team at our law firm marketing agency performed an audit of the entire marketing strategy for Shapiro Law and rebuilt it from the ground up using new and improved SEO, PPC, and content strategies.

Refreshed ad copy
Changed bidding strategy + CPA targets
Updated target audiences
Optimizing content with new keywords + schema tags
Backlinks from trusted sources
Social Media
Providing social proof via posting recent firm settlements
Posting Instagram stories to connect with audience
Visually represented brand aesthetically on Instagram

The Results

Shapiro lost trust in their previous marketing agency when they couldn’t deliver quality leads at an affordable CPA. With Youtech’s help, The Shapiro Law Team increased their leads by 53%, allowing them to expand their team and clientele base; rebranded and introduced a newly designed website to help users convert faster and shorten their sales funnel; and increased their organic traffic by 143%, solidifying them as the superior attorney representation within the Scottsdale, Arizona market.

Shapiro Team

Youtech Agency has transformed our marketing and taken exceptional care of our account over the last year.

We could not recommend this marketing agency more. A huge thanks to the Youtech team for being here for all of our team’s needs 24/7!

SEO Results

Keyword research targeting the right user intent
Utilized our keyword research for our content strategy to trigger relevant queries and conversion
Optimized our content using the right set of schema tags and targeted keywords to get more impressions and CTR for search queries
Acquire backlinks from trusted sources pushed to supporting pages to increased targeted keywords


website sessions


website users


form submissions

Shapiro SEO Results

PPC Results

Changing the bid strategy and CPA targets
Total ad copy refresh and overhaul. We have continued to make ad copy refreshes to improve the relevancy of users and resonate to changes in user behavior
Look at competitors with their spend estimates, ad copy, keywords, and website and adapt and inform our client to make changes to worry less about impressions and clicks and more about conversions and on-site engagement
With a brand and website redesign, and conversion path optimizations we made it easier and more likely for any given user to call, fill out a form, or chat
We are continuing to make optimizations with our goal being lead quality tracking and offline conversion tracking, and performance max while excluding low relevancy traffic and users


conversion rate





Shapiro PPC Results

Social Media Results

Running lead generation campaigns so that users could have an easier journey to contact Shapiro
Over the course of running lead generation, we tested multiple different audience strategies to optimize CPA
We focused on our messaging strategy – creating copy more relevant to people who didn’t need an attorney now, but might need one in the future
Retargeting website visitors and social media engagers


Instagram impressions


LinkedIn clicks


Facebook comments

Shapiro Social Media Results

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