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Nauzene Kids – Commerical

Nauzene Kids

Your Journey into Serenity

Serenity Springs

Youtech & JV Studios

We partner with the best of the best for video production & photography. Our partnership with JV Studios allows each of our agencies to work in tandem on what we do best. They produce the media, we market it.

We absolutely love working with JV Studios. We have brought on their team for a variety of video projects over the last year and they are always organized, on-time and exceptionally professional.

Additionally, they use their expertise to make recommendations and enhancements to the content which is invaluable when working with our clients.

– Megan Timlin

Merz Apothecary & SmallFlower


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Self Promotion

A lot of agencies compete on the same channels. They try to outdo each other through SEO, PPC, and Social Media Ads. We could do that, too. But why not do what they can’t?

The following examples are creative concepts we’ve run to promote ourselves on broadcast TV and streaming services.

“Agency Therapy” Campaign

For this campaign, we wanted to highlight our differentiators while incorporating humor. We didn’t want our message to beat the viewer over the head with a boring, direct approach. In tandem with JV, we worked with Hollywood writers to produce the comical concept of business owners attending therapy due to their poor agency choices.

Get the marketing results you’ve always wanted without the headaches (or therapy sessions).

“Babysitting Your Agency” Campaign

Run just after the “Agency Therapy” campaign, our goal was to build on the essence of the first campaign. While this commercial can stand alone on its own merits, it does re-use some elements of the first: musical score, comedic thematic elements, and an overall message that the agency you’re working with might not fit the bill.

Hiring an agency to do your marketing shouldn’t leave you needing a sitter.

“It’s Like a New Boat” Campaign

SeaDek is the North American industry leader in boat flooring. When SeaDek approached Youtech, they wanted to focus on the retail and e-commerce side of the business. They were looking to Youtech to help them strategize and scale through sales and the launching of new campaigns and products. Through our collaboration with JV Studios, we launched the “It’s Like a New Boat” campaign.

Christian Wilson

SeaDek Spotlight

Patrick Lacey

SeaDek Spotlight

Joe Norton

SeaDek Spotlight

Video Production & Photography

The masterfully shot creatives include a family, complete with a small toddler, creating memories and splashing around on their boat. The creatives aim to evoke an emotional response while inserting humor for ad recall. One of the ads details a wife excitedly approaching her husband on the floor of their boat and exclaiming how excited she was that he had bought her a new boat. The husband attempts to explain to the wife that he simply just installed SeaDek, but she hurries away and yells into her phone that he bought her a new boat to the person on the other end of the call.


To execute the campaign, we created a full-funnel strategy across Facebook and Instagram on top of a layered OTT audience. We launched new campaigns for new products, providing ideas on which products to bring to life going forward as well when we saw an opportunity. These products include SeaDek’s RV Treads, Cooler Tops, and Collegiate Cooler Tops. We slowly ramped up the budget over time to avoid inflating the cost per purchase excessively. We used both the videos and photos in tandem, with the videos acting as more engaging top-of-funnel ads and the photos prioritizing ad recall.


This campaign generated a 4.14x Return on Ad Spend, a number that had previously seemed unachievable for SeaDek with their previous agency.



Years as an Award-Winning Agency

I needed help with a huge video project for a client and John and Vince jumped in as if they were a member of my team an executed flawlessly.

Vince’s attention to the frame and making sure we got what we needed was unparalleled. And John jumped in to make my load easier on set and before. He figured out every little thing that needed to be done and just handled it. I’d highly recommend them.

Calvin Engel