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Attract New Users to Your Mobile App

As search engines like Google advance in giving users exactly what they’re looking for at the moment they’re looking for it, ads on these platforms follow suit. With the right targeting and creative, Universal App Campaigns often make one of the most effective forms of paid advertising for generating new app users.

Don’t just introduce your app to anyone and everyone, reach the audience most interested in apps like yours. At Youtech, we’ll help you craft a Universal App Campaign that targets users relevant to your business and industry. We start by taking the time to understand your company. Next, we create a seamless app ad experience with eye-catching visuals. From there, we optimize continuously over time, helping you achieve the highest conversion rate possible for your campaign.

Google Premier Partner

Only select agencies become Google Premier Partners. Youtech happens to be one of them.

To become a Google Premier Partner, it takes more than just knowledge. Our agency has shown outstanding results for our clients over an extended period of time, proudly earning Google Premiere Partner Status.

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Universal App Campaigns effectively reach new users and encourage current users to take action within your app. App campaigns are an automated campaign type in Google Ads that enables advertisers to drive app installs and push in-app conversion actions. This ad campaign type finds users who are on Google Search, Display, YouTube, and Google Play, and shows them your app to download.

After providing ad copy, creative, budget, and campaign objectives, Google will dynamically generate your ads and optimize them according to each ad placement. Let’s take a look at a few stats regarding app advertising:

App campaigns allow advertisers to not only optimize for app installs but for in-app purchase actions or sign ups
Ads are displayed to users on all of Google’s properties and networks, which cover 90% of the the entire internet
Google has delivered over 6 billion app installs to advertisers
Promote your app to users on iOS & Android devices

What You’ll Receive

Call it the perfect match. Universal App Campaigns place your app right in front of people who would love it. All you need is an excellent ad design that gets your audience to convert. With Youtech, we take the time to understand your business. Our team works closely with you to devise a strategic campaign and stunning visuals that will have people downloading your app in no time.

Ad Creation

We leverage all ad types available with Google to determine which drives the highest conversion rates.

Google Certified Talent

Every Youtech team member is Google Certified.

Campaign Performance

A dedicated specialist will be in your ad account on a daily basis. While it’s not necessarily a good idea to make changes every day, we do perform daily check-ins to ensure your account performance improves over the long term.

Market Research

We take the time to understand your consumers to align our overall paid efforts.

Tailored Research

No two clients are the same. We tailor our approach to your overall business goals.

Custom Goal-Driven Landing Pages

A simple design is an effective design. We create custom landing pages with the sole purpose of driving conversions.

Our Process

Step 1

Arrange an initial meeting with you to better understand your business and what you want to accomplish.

Step 2

Craft a Universal App plan that targets users relevant to your business and industry.

Step 3

Set up campaign including firebase, ad creation, campaigns/ad groups, location targeting, and goal tracking.

Step 4

Execute the campaigns.

Step 5

Perform ongoing A/B testing and optimizations. Each day of the week a dedicated specialist will be focusing on certain aspects of your campaign to increase performance over time.

Campaign Setup

Budget Forecasting

Based on the consumers we will be targeting, we forecast potential results through our partners.

Analytics/Goal Tracking

Create and test goals to ensure they are properly working/tracking within Google Analytics. Institute call tracking.

Ad Creation

Create multiple variations of ads

Campaign Management

Advanced Audience Targeting
Real-Time Visibility & Control
A/B Testing
Ad Monitoring
Conversion Tracking
Monthly Reporting & Analytics
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