Traditional Advertising

Find underpriced attention. Negotiate the best rates.

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The top 5 most trusted advertising
formats are all traditional

Maximize Your Reach, Minimize Your Waste

Generating revenue takes more than just getting an ad placement. Craft the perfect message and convey it with the perfect creative.

Proven track record of negotiating favorable rates
Professional ad creative and video production
Established relationships with major media platforms
Transparency in pricing
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Traditional Advertising

A Multichannel Approach

Leave a memorable impression across a variety of channels. Be where your audience is.

TV Advertising

TV Advertising

With the flock to cord-cutting and OTT/CTV, some see traditional TV advertising as a dying channel. TV is now cheaper than it has been in quite some time, making it a more attractive option for some brands.

Print Advertising

Print Advertising

Print can mean a lot of different things: direct mail, brochures, packaging, company signage, and more. Tie all of it back to your overall marketing strategy with a partner who can manage it all.

Out of Home Advertising

Out-of-Home Advertising

OOH works in a complementary way with other traditional and digital channels. Build brand recall with mass exposure and truly unskippable advertising.

Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising

Generally a high-frequency, local-focused channel, radio presents a cost-effective option for building awareness. Easily swap and test new creatives for maximal testing.

Beyond the Screen. Beyond the Billboard. Reach Everywhere.

Pair traditional and digital advertising to take advantage of the strengths of each.

Maximize flexibility and reach
Target your audience with precision
Smartly shift your budget without confining yourself to a few channels
Be seen and heard everywhere at once
Enhance your multichannel analytics and attribution models

Insights that Matter

Instantly read and react with our fully customizable analytics dashboard, Youlytics.

Easy to visualize data all in one place
Fully customizable
See how each creative stacks up
Monthly insights on trends—direct from our Client Services team

The exceptional Youtech team has played a pivotal role in bolstering UAG’s marketing initiatives and driving our development projects forward.

Most notably, they collaborated with us on the successful launch of our revamped website, which now impeccably reflects the essence of UAG. Their consistent dedication to development has empowered our existing members by granting them access to previously unavailable account information. We’re grateful for the incredible work they’ve done and look forward to what we’ll accomplish together in the future.

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United Aqua Group

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Years as an Award-Winning Agency

Working with Youtech has been a game changer to our organization. They have helped us increase our exposure across multiple industries and drastically increased our return on Ad spend.

Highly recommend working with their team of experienced, talented professionals.

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