Programmatic Advertising

Get in front of hard-to-reach audiences and overcome the hurdle of legally restricted ad space. Advertise on streaming or the open web with detailed audience data, geofencing, and retargeting.

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of digital advertising is
purchased programmatically

Hit the Target

Carve out a niche with a unique brand voice and personality. Foster familiarity by being known for what it is you do best.

Reading about a particular topic or competitor on the web
With a household income over a certain number
Based on credit score
Who recently moved into a new home
During and after their visit to a particular physical location
Who work at a specific company
On devices associated with a particular IP address
Using mobile devices
By internet service provider (ISP)
From a CRM list you upload
Who match multiple criteria above
No-Hassle Approvals

For Example

Target everyone who is reading about the latest AI news and has visited a specific trade show in the last 7 days.

Make a Bigger Impact

There’s a whole wide internet out there outside of Google, Meta, Amazon, and TikTok. Be seen wherever your audience spends their time across 120,000+ sites and more.




Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH)

Transparency From Beginning to End

Forecast the campaign & watch the full customer journey unfold—from the first touchpoint to conversion on the individual level.

See what percent of your audience you can reach with your budget
Analyze the first and last channel that ultimately led to conversion by an individual
Track how many ad impressions eventually led to a conversion by an individual
Determine length of time before first impression and eventual conversion by an individual
Transparency From Beginning to End

Our Preferred DSP, StackAdapt

#1 Rated Demand Side Platform (DSP) in both performance and Customer Satisfaction by G2.

#1 Best Usability
#1 Best Targeting
#1 Best Brand Saftey
#1 Best Quality of Support
Top 100 Overall Software Product in 2024

Why Youtech & StackAdapt?

Simply put, no agency and DSP combo does it better.

Large-scale strategic planning
Patent-pending AI technology & proprietary data for targeting
Added value, custom-built creatives
Brand lift studies to measure impact across all channels
Universal pixel to automatically track actions on site and create conversion events
Integrations to aid in receiving valuable and timely notifications and reports

Working with Youtech has been a game changer to our organization. They have helped us increase our exposure across multiple industries and drastically increased our return on Ad spend.

Highly recommend working with their team of experienced, talented professionals.

Timothy Zwartz



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Years as an Award-Winning Agency

We have been working with Youtech for over five years. They have built our website and manage our SEO and Paid Search program.

We have our own account manager that we meet with every week, which has proven very valuable. Overall, they are excellent and extremely responsive.

Justin Bartley

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