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Accounts: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter. We recommend the following post frequency for most social media accounts:

1 post on Facebook – Daily
1 post on Instagram – Daily
2 posts on Twitter – Daily
2 posts on LinkedIn Company – Daily

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Welcome to the jungle

Social media is a jungle that grows more diverse and unruly by the day. It has completely changed the way we communicate, live, and work. And while some say it’s a necessary evil, we believe in channeling its powers for good to instantly reach people with relevant content. Social media helps you manage and add to your online community while directing people back to what made them follow you in the first place: your brand’s value proposition.

Social Media Review & Audit
Comprehensive Content Strategy – Custom & Curated
Branded Social Media Posts – Custom Designed
Social Media Post Scheduling and Click Tracking
Dedicated Account Manager
Following other potential customer accounts on your behalf
New followers and targeted connections received
Monitoring of your social inboxes, to make sure that messages are never missed
Monthly Activity and Results Report

Social Media Review & Audit

A full social media review & audit comes before we begin posting on your behalf. It is a vital component of social media strategy.

Creating Engaging Social Content

All created content is designed to increase followers, engagement, and hit any other goals you may have. You are able to review all content before we post it to your pages. All content is unique to your brand and not used anywhere else.

Posting Curated & Company-Related Updates

We engage your audience by combining custom-designed content and interesting newsworthy articles to display you as an expert in your field.

Integrated Social Media Activities

By maintaining a clear line of communication, we use social media to help support your ongoing events & promotions.

Sustained Monitoring

We continually monitor social media accounts to respond to comments, basic questions, messages and post engagement. We use our judgment to determine what should be handled by our team or delegated back to you for a response.

Engagement Activities

Each day, a dedicated project manager will use content and engagement techniques to increase your activity. We follow other accounts on your behalf and will constantly work to connect you with potential customers.

Analytics & Reporting

Each month, you’ll receive a report detailing follower growth, reach, engagement, demographics, likes, shares, retweets, and site traffic. Your project manager will be available to discuss these results with you.

Social Media Management FAQs

What social media channels should I be posting on?


Facebook is helpful to share your brand, communicate your product, and engage with the Facebook community. 


Instagram is helpful for brand awareness and communicating your brand message through aesthetics. 


Twitter is best when you are active in daily hashtag trends and want to engage with your followers and the Twitter community. 


LinkedIn is great to share media coverage, press releases, and company announcements. It is also great for expanding either your or your company’s professional network.

How do I review my pending social posts?

Your Project Manager will share a unique link to our review platform, HeyOrca. Upon clicking the link, you will be prompted to enter your name and email address for identification purposes in the review process.

You will be taken to a calendar that contains posts marked with different colors. Each color reflects as follows:

  • Grey: Draft – This post is not yet ready for review.

  • Yellow: Awaiting Approval – This post is ready for your review.

  • Red: Revise – This post is not approved and there are changes that need to be made. 

  • Green: Approve – This post is approved and will go live at the scheduled date and time. 

Please review each post that is marked yellow. Click into the post for a full preview. Review the post, and select either ‘Approve’ or ‘Revise’. Should you have any changes, mark a post as ‘Revise,’ then please place the changes you wish to see within the ‘Comments’ section of the post. 

From there, our team will review any posts marked ‘Revise,’ make the requested changes, then approve the post.

How do I give access to a page using Facebook Business Manager?

When you log into your Facebook page (as an admin to the company’s page we are trying to connect), you will receive a notification that there is a request from our team to connect to your Business Manager account. If you click on the notification, you will see a button for you to ‘accept’ the request.

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