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Want your product in the face of the right audience on Amazon? Then it’s almost a necessity to run Amazon SEO. As the leading global online retailer, Amazon dominates a large majority of eCommerce sales online, controlling over 50% or more of the eCommerce market share. With the platform growing every day, there’s no time to wait around. Amazon gives you the opportunity to grow a strong online presence, especially for companies in competitive or niche markets. Power your brand. Optimize for impact.

Amazon Certified

Our entire Amazon SEO team is Amazon Certified. This means we have taken all courses and passed all tests regarding the Amazon platform.

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For eCommerce businesses, selling your products on Amazon is one of the most effective ways to reach users ready to buy and increase overall revenue. As more consumers turn to the internet to find the products they want at the best price possible, Amazon is almost always the first place people go. Let’s take a look at a few stats regarding Amazon:

There are 300 million total Amazon users.
95 million Americans have Amazon Prime memberships.
Amazon Prime members spend on average $1.4k per year.
9 out of 10 consumers price check a product on Amazon.
43% of teens say that Amazon is their favorite shopping site.
72% of consumers use Amazon to discover new products they may be interested in.

What You’ll Receive

Our main focus typically centers on driving conversions. With Amazon SEO, this is typically defined as an online purchase on the Amazon platform. We achieve this by analyzing keyword trends, performing competitor research, and formulating an optimal SEO strategy through enhanced product descriptions and attempting to win the buy box.

Seller Account Setup

We set up your seller account, enter products, detail your company information, and set up an inbound shipping plan. Afterward, we make the necessary steps to ensure your account is ready to start selling.

Seller Brand Setup

Amazon Brand Registry is a process Amazon assembled that helps you protect your intellectual property and create an accurate, trustworthy experience for your Amazon customers. Once you have an account established, we register your brand with Amazon so that you’re eligible for A+ branded content. Additionally, if available, your trademarked product will be protected.

Amazon Account Audit

Our in-house Amazon SEO team reviews your existing account and product information. Additionally, we provide feedback and a new optimization strategy based on your ranking. We then offer new keyword ideas, optimize your current listings, update categories, and even fix any shortcomings you may have.

Amazon Competitor Research

We utilize our SEO tools to spy on your competitors and determine their product rankings and the terms they’re using to help you better understand your competitors’ BSR (Best Sellers Rank) Amazon strategy. We also discover more opportunities for improvement and give MSRP price recommendations to outrank your competitors.

Amazon Listing Optimization

We write unique product descriptions, optimize product titles, and foster product reviews. In addition, we add high-quality photos and videos to your Amazon optimized listings.

Ongoing Product Optimizations

Each week, we continue to analyze your products, determine your rankings, and seek out competitors to discover keyword opportunities, increase the number of reviews, and optimize each section of your Amazon products.

Our Process

Project Manager

A dedicated project manager will help with the planning and execution of work in your account on a daily basis.

Amazon Page Optimization

Product Titles
Product Images
Product Bullet Points
Product Description
Keywords & Categories
Reviews and Customer Questions
Product Videos

Competitive Research

Competitive Research & Analysis

Keyword Research

We will identify the targeted core, secondary, and LSI keywords for the most possible traffic and conversions.

Analytics & Goal Tracking

Amazon Analytics Implementation
Sales Tracking
Demographic Tracking
Product Tracking

Guest Blogs & Website Reviews

We will reach out to people in your industry with websites to get them to review and post about your products. These will then link back to your Amazon product pages.

Competitor Research

We will identify 3-5 top competitors’ highest-ranking keywords, backlinks, pages. etc.

Reputation Management

We will monitor all reviews that come into your Amazon account and respond to them with targeted keywords

Competitor Monitoring

We will analyze your competitors and identify what they are doing, how they are ranking, what campaigns they are running, where they are getting their traffic from, etc. We use this to your advantage in order to create a more strategic marketing plan.

Monthly Analytics Reports

We build our relationships off of trust and transparency. You have 24/7 access to an SEO reporting dashboard made specifically for you. After our SEO onboarding call, we create a customized reporting dashboard to give you the numbers and figures that matter to you—so you can analyze your organic traffic on a deeper level.

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