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The Problem

Naqvi Injury Law, one of the most recognized firms in Las Vegas, wasn’t getting the amount of leads they needed. Their old agency simply wasn’t doing enough to help them hit their goals.

The Goal

Naqvi Injury Law wanted to bring more cases to their firm with an agency that understands the personal injury industry. That’s where we came in. Youtech has worked with many notable law firms across the country. Using our knowledge, we were prepared to help hit this firm’s three goals: more cases, a complete and trackable marketing funnel, and consistent brand awareness.

Naqvi Law

The Strategy

Once goals were established, we got to work. Focusing our efforts on SEO, we began to see success for Naqvi Injury Law.

Strengthened site’s internal linking structure
Increased site visibility by targeting more branded keywords
Focused on competitor research
Naqvi Law

We recently switched over to Youtech from our previous agency and couldn’t be happier with the initial onboarding and first few months of performance.

The team is responsive, proactive, and enthusiastic about taking our business to the next level. We look forward to continuing the partnership for years to come.

SEO Results

Bolstered the topical authority of the website by strengthening the site’s internal linking structure, making more connections between service pages and location pages with the lawyers featured on the site.
Immediately worked on increasing the site’s search visibility by adding search enhancements through structured data markup with review snippets, FAQ markup, and added more detailed local business markup to increase overall search appearance.
By researching competitors and targeting non-branded keywords, we improved on-page elements to increase’s SERP rankings, resulting in a 55% increase in keywords ranking on page one and a 24% increase in top 3 positions since starting SEO.


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