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Square One Concepts is a full-service hospitality management, design, and consulting firm located in Scottsdale, AZ. The group’s mission is to create unique, enduring restaurant and nightlife concepts that provide guests with enjoyable and memorable experiences. Square One is led by a management team with over 100 years of combined experience. Its founder and CEO, Barrett Rinzler, has created, designed, and managed over 20 individual concepts in multiple locations throughout the Southwest, including Scottsdale, San Diego, and Denver.

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Who is Square One Concepts?

Square One needed a better way to reach its target audience and increase reservations in some of its top concepts. In hospitality, expansion is highly contingent on the success of preceding concepts. Square One wanted to solidify marketing plans that would be scalable as they grew their footprint. The group got in touch with Youtech through a mutual connection in 2017, citing the ability to have all services provided under one roof. Thus initiated the Square One-Youtech partnership.

Square One has had a huge impact on Youtech and how we operate internally. It had a large hand in putting Youtech on the Arizona map and influenced our CEO’s decision to open up a Scottsdale location. Our relationship continues to evolve today, one reservation at a time.

Order’s Up.

Although aesthetically different, the concepts Youtech manages share intrinsic similarities as restaurants serving people food that tastes good in an environment that makes them feel good. Getting them there is the trick. Even if they’re not cooking the meal themselves, Americans prefer to eat at home to prioritize cost savings and healthier eating. To pluck people out of their homes and into a restaurant means providing a valuable experience in price, food quality, and level of service they cannot replicate at home.

Brand Loyalty.

At baseline, this sounds like the crux of marketing for any business. Restaurants have an added layer of difficulty – expediency. Food is a physiological need; when we want it, we want it now, and lucky for us there are a million and one options with similar products that could curb our appetites. As a consumer, what makes you pick between the McDonald’s or Burger Kings of the world when hunger strikes? Brand loyalty. Your unique value proposition must be made clear in seconds to drive conversions. It’s not only how well you prepare the meal, but how fast you can get it to the table. Our tactics have to be active at all hours of the day to provide immediate customer service for minimal loss in potential transactions. Once someone steps foot in your doors, the food will speak for itself.

Dining Experience.

Our packages with Square One’s concepts included what we felt were necessary to appeal to frequent bargoers, nightlife enthusiasts, and everyday consumers looking for a well-rounded dining experience.

Web Design

People love to look at food almost as much as they love to eat food. Youtech uses food and location images to create graphics for concepts’ websites and social media pages. We eat with our eyes first. Giving followers entrancing pictures of food they can expect from their dining experience – including burgers, steak, seafood, and specialty cocktails – is likely the first thing they’ll associate with each respective concept.


How can people find your restaurant if you don’t appear in search engines? We’ve got SEO for that. Optimizing content with keywords people are using to search for restaurants, food, or entertainment near them increases the visibility of your content and likelihood visitors will check you out. Routine SEO audits and edits to all Square One sites ensured their search-friendly status.

Social Media

Social media is the fastest way to deliver special offers, events, influencers, and other information that can influence purchasing decisions, build brand trust, and develop brand advocacy. We’ve utilized Facebook and Instagram to grow an audience that would like and share content as unofficial Square One ambassadors. Instagram is the number one social media app for engagement with restaurant brands, and one study found that 75% of consumers have used Facebook to decide which restaurant to eat at. Creating monthly calendars of planned, goal-oriented content and maintaining active engagement on all profiles is essential to inspiring action.

Bourbon & Bones.

Bourbon & Bones is a chef-driven, upscale chophouse and bar in downtown Scottsdale. As the name implies, Bourbon & Bones specializes in steak and bourbon – over 120 bourbons and 320 whiskey offerings, to be exact. From the finest wet and dry aged cuts of beef, veal, and pork (both on the bone and off), to fresh seafood, appetizers, signature sides, and desserts, the focus on quality is clear from the start. A mixologist stirs signature cocktails from the bar in a glamorous interior that will elevate any date night, celebration, or cocktail hour. Bourbon & Bones was also selected as 2018 Arizona Foothills Magazine Best of Our Valley for Best Steakhouse, Best Date Spot and Best Craft Cocktails.


Increased Overall Site Users.


Increase in Conversion Rate.


Increase in Email List Signups.

Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers.

Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers offering is pretty self-explanatory – cold beers, cheeseburgers, and sports, all things that make life wonderful. The menu features daily-made eats with fresh ingredients and over 150 beer choices on draught, bottled, or canned. The casual, neighborhood-bar feel has made it a choice restaurant for locals looking for a brew-tiful time.


Increase in Social Media Traffic.


Social Media and SEO Group Events Conversions.

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