Web Design

Why yes, we do work our creative muscles. Thanks for noticing.

A beautiful house starts with a solid infrastructure. It’s the same for website builds and rebuilds. Not only do our designers know how to create aesthetic websites, but they also know how to construct functional websites that deliver a seamless user experience. Design elements should be active, not passive, in guiding visitors through necessary information and processes.

The Youtech designers work with HTML CSS, WordPress, Magento, Shopify, and other frameworks to apply front-end designs to back-end faculties. Our team’s expertise extends from basic informational sites to immersive e-commerce experiences.



At Youtech, we understand that when someone purchases off your site, it’s more than a transaction; it’s a vote for your brand and its values. We take what is most important to your e-commerce website – whether it’s pushing a new product or increasing sales in certain product categories – and set up our designs to achieve those goals. We will assist with product imports, order processing, shipping charges, and more to ensure the end result allows users to do what they came to your site to do: buy your products and support your brand.


As we become more sophisticated in e-commerce websites, we still stick to our bread-and-butter WordPress and HTML CSS websites that also give us ample opportunities to flex our creative muscles. Although developmentally different than e-commerce sites, our approach is the same: we build according to your goals. Is your goal to direct people to a contact page? Fill out a form? Read a blog? Our team will utilize all that’s available to us to create a personalized experience.


UI/UX Design

Website Design Process

Website design is more than making something look good; it also has to work. Our four-step process of building, designing, and installing functional features on your website produces a site that is both visual and practical. These steps anchor our efforts and allow us to focus on what is most important: providing your customers with a robust end-to-end user experience.

1. Creative Meeting

We begin with a collaborative kickoff meeting to determine goals for your website and discuss current strengths and weaknesses, brand guidelines, and your creative vision. We also do our due diligence to learn as much as possible about your industry, company history, and product lines.

2. Sitemapping and Wireframing

First, we create a sitemap that outlines the flow of the customer journey. This is the “bare bones” representation of your site that shows the primary points of interaction for customers.

From there, we build a website wireframe to mirror the sitemap. We work with you to decide each page’s hierarchy and placement in the navigation that makes the most organizational sense.

3. Concept

From there, we conceptualize the design elements that will bring what is in your head to the forefront. The designer on your project will send mockups of proposed colors, fonts, logos/logo edits, and videos for your approval while working on any other visual components that are imperative to your site.

4. Execution

Once our interpretation of your vision is approved, it’s time for what’s known as the “make it look pretty” stage. We roll up our sleeves and kick the OCD into high gear to put our designs on the front-end of a functioning website. Our design team is highly integrated with our development team so that front and back-end development blend cohesively.

User Experience

A poor user experience is the largest deterrent to potential customers converting on your site. Our designers construct websites with features that allow users to flow seamlessly from page to page and do what they came to your site to do.

Youtech User Interface Mock

Mobile-Friendly User Interface

Smartphones are becoming users’ number one point of access to the internet. Is your site ready? Our designers will stylize a responsive user interface for mobile that delivers a consistent, high-quality user experience no matter what device they’re using to access your site. We also build for mobile-first indexing to ensure the version of your website they see on their phones is the one you want them to see.

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