Pollyanna Brewing Company

Pollyanna Brewing Company first opened in Lemont, IL, in 2014, when Head Brewmaster Brian Pawola decided to take on the art of crafted optimism. They have now expanded to another location in Roselle, IL, and each brewery offers a unique menu of rotating beers. Pollyanna offers an ever-changing menu of fan-favorites and seasonal brews, and guests have plenty of chances to taste-test these unique flavors on personal tours or special events hosted at both locations.

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Pollyanna Brewing


Before we came along, Pollyanna had no existing website, so our first priority was to establish a solid online presence that would keep people coming back for more. Second, they wanted to make it easy for their customers to schedule a personal tour and to know when brewery tours were already happening, which we were able to implement under a single tab on their new website. Finally, we put together a comprehensive events calendar featuring both locations, so their customers always know what’s about to go down.


Pollyanna wanted a recognizable brand, something distinct from every other brewery in the market. Our design team realized that the one color that beers typically stay away from is white, so we implemented a stark background on the very first beers they put in cans to create a product that stood out on the shelves of liquor stores and bars. Pollyanna wanted another series of unique labels that had an artistic, abstract design to grab the attention of their customers, so we did that, too.


Thanks to the work of our talented design team, we were able to come up with an entire rebrand of the Pollyanna logo. We have been designing beer can labels for this company since 2015, starting with their four flagship canned beers — Mazzie, Lexical Gap, The Full Lemonty, and Eleanor. While some of their beers are available in cans and bottles and others are available in only one or the other, Pollyanna’s extensive collection includes 21 designs made by the Youtech team.

Beer Labels.

We used Email Marketing to create a relationship between M-Source and their audience and establish loyalty with their customer base. Each of these email campaigns helped us hook the user as they moved through the buying process.

Mazzie – Can
Lexical Gap – Can
The Full Lemonty – Can
Eleanor – Can / Bottle
Acclamation – Can / Bottle
Fruhauf – Bottle
Humpenscrump – Can / Bottle
Keep It Easy – Can / Bottle
Ocular – 22oz Bottle
Summerly – Can / Bottle
4th Anniversary – Can
Emblems – Can
Fine Manner Charade – Can
Four Chord Wonder – Can
Hallertau Blanc
Idle Space – Can
Zoned – Can
Pastry Penguin – Can
Malted Milk Ball
Foudre – Can
Nose Over Tail – Can
Pollyanna Pils – Can

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