Web Development

Click click boom.

In a broad sense, web development is the art of taking your vision and laying it on a canvas a click away from your end user. In a more refined sense, it is the work of compiling markup (HTML), styling (CSS), scripting (Javascript), business logic, and inspiration to produce a customized masterpiece.


0.05 Seconds

Expert web development is essential, as your website is often the first impression of your product or brand. A study has found that people assess a website’s aesthetics in ~ 50ms (0.05 seconds). Crossing this threshold is crucial but doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods yet. A captivating experience is a must in order to drive engagement as well as cultivate re-engagement. This is done through a sleek, modern, and responsive design and feel.

Web Development Process

Utilizing the latest technologies in web development (HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap), our design and development teams interface to structure your site and integrate necessary third-party applications. After-which, the iterative process of tuning and involving you, the client, ensures the perfect result.

1. Discovery

As with all of our websites, we begin with a collaborative kickoff meeting to determine goals for your website and discuss current strengths and weaknesses, brand guidelines, and your creative vision. Our developers begin to lay the groundwork for implementing core website capabilities and improvements.

2. Wireframing

We create a site map that outlines the flow of the customer journey. This is the “bare bones” representation of your site that shows primary user touchpoints. Once our development team receives a wireframe, we can start building high-level, client-facing components and backend infrastructure. It’s not a work of art yet, but it’s the frame that holds it intact.

3. Implementation

Our developers get to work translating what is on the sitemap into backend styling and scripting. If you look at our screens and it looks like we’re reading a different language, we are.

4. Testing and Launch

A website review is conducted with the client. Design and development teams test every function and any third-party integrations on your website. We troubleshoot errors to ensure your site works even when you don’t.

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