Personally, we’ve never met a beer we didn’t like, especially of the MillerCoors brand. So, when Youtech was approached by MillerCoors distributors Euclid Beverage and Kozol Bros. Inc., we couldn’t say no. Our team was tasked with engineering new websites, with functionalities that spoke to their unique needs as consumer-facing and partner-oriented organizations.

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Crescent Crown.

Crescent Crown sells and delivers more than 30 million cases annually throughout its distribution territories in Arizona and Louisiana. Crescent Crown Distributing is one of the largest distributors in the United States. From the largest international beer brands to the smallest local brews, every case of beer in our inventory is regularly checked and rotated to make sure customers receive the best and freshest products available. Every bottle is maintained appropriately to beat the desert heat in our temperature-controlled warehouses and trucks. Each product is handled with care from pickup to delivery to ensure retailers receive undamaged cases and kegs.

Kozol Bros. Inc.

Kozol Bros. Inc. is a locally owned and operated distributor of domestic, craft, and import beers and ciders. Kozol Bros. has been a family business since 1934 when brothers Joseph, Eddie, Andy, and Bill formed the company to fill in a recognized need for distribution services. A multiple time recipient of the MillerCoors President’s Award for excellence and quality, Kozol Bros. Inc. has grown into one of Illinois’ top beverage distributors.

Euclid Beverage.

Euclid Beverage is a prominent local distributor of premium wine, spirits, and beer brands. The company currently distributes brands from its broad portfolio of over 65 domestic, craft, and import suppliers of beer, wine, and spirits. Euclid Beverage’s three state-of-the-art facilities serve over 3,000 retail customers in 25 counties across the state of Illinois.

The Problem.

Both Euclid and Kozol Bros. needed a central spot for potential customers to easily access product [beer] details. Eliminating the confusion and creating a more efficient, transactional relationship with potential and current customers were the keys to unlocking better, more valuable business.

The Solution.

Technically, beer is a solution, so we’re halfway there. Each new site would be a full-bodied experience, complete with design and technical features that directed users to the exact information they would need in an easily-navigated interface.

Web Development & Design.

Beer isn’t complicated. It’s simple, and for pure enjoyment. Similarly, Youtech aimed to filter out the clutter with WordPress sites designed for ease. Consumers and partners (the breweries we’re all so fond of) need extensive information regarding product lines and accessibility within certain radiuses. Custom product portfolios, beer locators, and customer portals were integrated to provide visitors with all the information needed at the press of a button.

Kozol Bros. Inc.
Kozol Bros. Inc.
Kozol Bros. Inc.

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