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The Problem

Dry Force is one of the largest and most trusted names in Texas water damage restoration. However, they weren’t ranking for the right keywords in their industry and were unhappy with their overall SEO performance. Technical errors, like outdated internal links and missing meta descriptions, caused poor performance on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

The Goal

Dry Force wanted a full-service restoration digital marketing agency to partner with and create a customized, aggressive SEO approach to help them appear on the first page of Google for keywords related to water damage and restoration.

Dry Force Goals

The Strategy

The specialists at our home services marketing agency performed a full SEO audit, then implemented a strategy to launch new pages, update outdated information, and create custom content to increase traffic and engagement.

A New Homepage
Bolder CTAs
Up-to-date brand colors
Conversion-based language
Customized Content
New blogs
Expanded location pages
Descriptive service pages
Updating Keywords & Links
Keyword optimization
Fixed 404 errors
New meta descriptions
Updated internal links

The Results

Once the SEO team at our marketing agency started to work on the Dry Force website, we noticed a large number of technical errors on the website that were causing the site to perform poorly in Google, Bing, and other search engines.

The website was filled with outdated internal links, missing meta descriptions, orphan pages, 404 errors, and other types of issues. The SEO team at Youtech started fixing technical errors on the Dry Force website at the beginning of September 2021.

Dry Force Results

Youtech has been amazing at helping us transform our SEO and content marketing efforts.

Renee, Wilbur, Stephen, and Eric have been awesome to work with and have had a huge hand in our success.

SEO Results

Since the start of our SEO campaigns in April 2021, Dry Force has organically increased their rankings to the first and second pages of Google for a record number of keywords. By the end of January 2022, Dry Force is projected to rank on the first page of Google for over 200 keywords.


organic conversions


organic sessions


form submissions


organic pageviews

Dry Force SEO Results

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