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For over 75 years K&S Precision Metals has produced and supplied intricate tubing, shapes, and sheets for distributors and retailers as well as theatre studios, engineers, and homeowners. From custom to stock, their high-quality products can be found online and in chain hardware and craft stores worldwide.

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Increase Website Conversions.

K&S had a visually appealing website but did not offer retail or wholesale items. They referred customers to third-party sites in order to purchase materials. But they wanted something different—that’s why they came to us. K&S needed to build a user-friendly site where customers could visit and purchase stock materials and order custom units.

The new site created a strong online presence and increased sales. This led to K&S upgrading its marketing services to include SEO, PPC, and Social Ads. Now their goal is to establish a more prominent social media presence and see sales driven directly from Facebook and Instagram platforms.

“We want to explore the new age of digital media and build our brand in a refreshing way.” —Teddy Findyz, K&S Precision Metals

The Plan.

They had the vision, we had the manpower—so we got to work. We needed a well crafted ppc campaigns and a strong SEO plan for our marketing strategy to be pitch perfect. We did some digging and discovered the best ways to appeal to their audiences, then we got creative and amped up the copy for our ads.


We devised a strategic SEO plan to effectively optimize keywords, boost the company’s social media presence, and build high quality backlinks.


We executed a seamless ad campaign using display marketing, retargeting, and programmatic advertising to drive brand awareness and encourage conversion.

Social Ads.

We put our efforts into creating polished social ads with intriguing content and relevant copy for both Facebook and Instagram.

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