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Students with a desire to complete entry-level heavy equipment and crane operation training in as little as three weeks can enroll in Heavy Equipment Colleges of America (HEC). This specialized private education and training program, founded in 2006, has since expanded to cover five locations in Georgia, Oklahoma, San Bernardino, CA, Ft. Irwin, CA, and Washington.

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Heavy Equipment College


Achieve quality, consistent student enrollment.

To continuously deliver their top-notch curriculum, HEC knew they needed to bring in a steady stream of high-volume leads. For that to happen, working with experienced digital strategists—like those at Youtech—was essential. And to really drive it home, they opted for our full-service treatment.

The goal? To rapidly increase traffic across all channels, boost conversion rate, and optimize ads efficiency. Thankfully, well crafted marketing strategies are our communication agency’s bread and butter.

The Plan.

The team at our higher education digital marketing agency gave the staff at Heavy Equipment Colleges of America a helping hand in devising the best-fitting marketing strategies across multiple channels. Armed to the teeth with search engine marketing tactics, design experts and social media gurus, we started firing.

Email Marketing.

With as many as 500 leads per week across all platforms, we pushed to attract past leads and new recruits with webinars and online applications.

Social Media.

We appealed to hopeful students transitioning from high school academia and parents going back to school by becoming an information resource on social media.

Graphic/Web Design.

Youtech was on standby for any ad hoc graphic or website design project needed for HEC and its five locations. Anything they need, we do.


Our campaigns focused mostly on the states with existing HEC locations, but the room to branch out for more leads also proved a fruitful PPC strategy.


Our efforts zeroed in on certification/training-related keywords for high-volume traffic. Student housing allowed for nationwide targeting efforts and enhanced organic performance.

Social Ads.

The lower cost of social campaigns had us move to capture more leads with visually appealing and interactive posts.

The Results.


Increase in Goal Completion.


Increase in Total Traffic.


Decrease in CPC.

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