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Best Value Vacs (BVV) is an e-commerce giant that sells vacuum chambers, extractors, and material processing equipment to universities, laboratories, dispensaries, and individual consumers. The company grosses over $15 million from online sales annually.

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Improved Web Performance.

Best Value Vacs came to Youtech to improve their site performance, specifically to clear up ongoing issues from its web developer. The company was most interested in creating a more positive user experience while continuing to drive new traffic and conversions for its thousands of products.


Youtech completely rebuilt the Best Value Vacs website from the ground up. The team worked with Magento e-commerce software to implement features that eliminated unnecessary friction in the user shopping experience. Yotuech also took over all aspects of BVV marketing, including:


Building out a specific SEO content plan for individual product pages focusing on targeted keywords, structure, and competitor research to increase overall organic keyword ranking and traffic. We also focus on a structured backlinking plan utilized to drive high-quality backlinks to related product pages to increase page authority and ultimately increase keyword ranking.


We devised a strategic campaign/adgroup strategy to break each category of products into multiple adgroups allowing targeted keywords and ads to be hyperspecific to each individual product allowing for higher quality scores and ad relevancy and to lower wasted spend.


By having an SEO strategy and PPC ads that were hyperspecific to the products we were pushing we were able to create an audience large group to utilize for remarketing. With our sophisticated remarketing system we are able to push display ads related to the products consumers were searching in order to entice them to come back to the site and purchase

Email Marketing.

All these emails campaigns allow us to hit the end user each step in their buying journey.

Abandon cart emails
Returning users emails
Retargeting emails
Sale emails
If you bought this then get this emails

Social Media Advertising.

Our social strategy hits users/consumers in multiple ways:

Push new sales to followers
Inform consumers about new products, news, blogs, and information on BVV products/services
Push sales to consumers who are interested in specific products

These 3 steps allow us to educate users, increase brand awareness, and target interested users to come back to the site and purchase All efforts worked in unison to increase the brand awareness, credibility, and industry leadership.

By the Numbers.



Organic users 2016.


Organic users 2017.


Organic users 2018.

Average Order Value (AOV).


January 2016.


January 2017.


In the spring of 2018, Best Value Vacs presented Youtech with the opportunity of a lifetime: Rebrand Best Value Vacs.

Why a Rebrand?

Best Value Vacs was facing a crisis of conscience. Although the monthly profits were high, the Best Value Vacs team had been feeling for a while that they were standing on shifting sands. Their growth had become so rapid that they had outgrown themselves, and were forced to put many branding efforts on the backburner. Consequently, internal morale was taking a hit and affecting team productivity. The team knew that without an affirmative identity everyone could get behind, the brand would not survive long-term.

Now that growth was stable, it was time to reinvest in the company. It was their hope that a rebrand would unite everyone under the same goal and develop a work environment that didn’t just create jobs, but created careers.

BVV - best value vacs

Rebrand Webrand.

Over the course of the next five weeks, Youtech crafted a pitch to present to Best Value Vacs for the new brand and the digital marketing strategy to carry it out moving forward. Our step-by-step process included:


Site visits
Assessment of current data
SWOT & PESTEL analysis
Employee interviews


Visual identity
Mission statement
Brand values
Customer segments
Interior design elements


Composing the brand story
Presentation flow
Edit concepts
Create samples of packaging, office interior elements
Build the presentation


The existing brand name did not convey the upscale nature of clients the company served nor the precision of the processes. The Best Value Vacs team felt pigeonholed into a brand perception that implied lower-quality products, which did not represent what they wanted it to be.

Still staying true to its beginnings and following client preferences, we eventually landed on simply BVV, with the slogan Building Vision and Variety. The slogan harkens to what actually takes place at BVV and how customers use its products to achieve their goals. Bridging the gap between the products and the vision with which they’re created also helps customers better connect with and trust the BVV brand.

Customer Clusters.

Different kinds of customers have different needs. Until now, BVV hadn’t addressed each individually. Youtech grouped customers into three new categories based on different customer personas of BVV. These renamed groupings create an experience tailored to the different price ranges, preferences, and needs encountered on a daily basis.

Explorer: Give your passion an upgrade.

Entry-level customers who might have little to no experience with the company’s catalog and need customizable options. The items included here might be more affordable, or the base version of a larger product line.

Professional: Build your laboratory.

Lab technicians and industry professionals will find products in this category that are better suited to their workplace. These items are of a higher quality and are meant to withstand the rigors of a laboratory or industrial setting.

Elite: Top-shelf precision.

High-net-worth customers who want to get the most precise tools and products to meet their needs. This also applies to those who repeatedly come back to BVV with a specific product or project in mind.

Visual Identity.

The meaning of a brand cannot be imparted through words alone. The visual elements of a brand bring abstract ideas to the forefront of consumers’ minds. The logos, colors, textures, patterns, shapes, fonts, typefaces, and even gear, building architecture, and dress code speak volumes about the brand’s ideology.

Youtech created visual elements that captured the clean, knowledgeable, and innovative edge of the new BVV. We also codified colors and symbols according to the consumer tier to help the company stay organized and easily identify products on the warehouse shelves.


The chosen color palette conveys a fusion of precision and elegance that links products and customers. Red is often used to incite action, which is why it’s the primary color for the new brand. Because red can be overwhelming at times, we combined it with the secondary color, purple. Purple is a sign of wealth, wisdom, and creativity, and it’s starting to become more popular with men. Black and grey will be used to contrast the two other colors and ground the brand to its applications.


The chosen typeface for the new BVV brand is Montserrat. This was an easy choice as it gives a flexibility with it’s full selection of weights and variations. The main weights used are bold, regular, and light. When displayed together it creates a very elegant feel, while also not seeming too intimidating.

Aa Bb Cc




To fully embrace your brand’s mission is to live it out. Part of this means providing an environment where people feel empowered. Youtech also designed preliminary business collateral, trade show supplies, and interior design elements that would speak the brand message at every customer touchpoint.

Ecommerce Platform.

A major driving force of the rebrand was introducing new e-commerce software that could accommodate BVV’s ever-expanding inventory and offer quicker, more responsive shopping experiences. Youtech proposed that its team build BVV a completely new website under the ShopfiyPlus platform. Youtech would help with the migration and incorporate all proposed branding elements within the site.

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