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Kraft Chemical, a leading supplier of ingredients in the organic food, cosmetics, and specialty industries, established itself in 1935. With over 800 ingredients in its portfolio, this legacy company provides high-quality ingredients to a wide range of industries. Kraft Chemical is proudly registered with The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has certified USDA and QAI products, and meets all of the environmental, health, and safety requirements from The National Association of Chemical Distributors.


10 Weeks

Date Completed

May 2020



Modernizing Everyday Chemicals

Kraft Chemical wanted to begin marketing their company and getting their name out there, but their site needed a facelift. In an effort to look modern and appeal to younger companies seeking out quality ingredients, Kraft Chemical was looking for a cohesive and sleek site update.

Youtech Gave Kraft Chemical a 360 Refresh

Youtech updated Kraft Chemical’s website and provided more places for users and customers to get the information that they needed. From quotes and samples to technical information and product literature, Youtech updated the site’s interface for usability and an easier understanding of each chemical’s content and properties.


Kraft Chemical relied on Youtech to update its website and revamp its logo for a revived and modernized look that was user-friendly—Youtech did just that.

All the Info, All in One Place

Kraft Chemical provides valuable information on its over 800 ingredients and chemicals carried. But their site was in desperate need of a refresh so that customers could better understand and find the right ingredients. Youtech went in and revived the interface so potential customers could find what they needed all in one place.

Our team of web design experts reorganized Kraft Chemical’s website by categorizing their products and enabling visitors to sort through the various chemicals offered, without any hiccups. Instead of customers becoming overwhelmed with information, they are now able to easily research and pick-and-choose which chemicals are right for them with the website’s easy-to-use table.

A Chemical Reaction

Let us help you get the reactions you’re looking for.