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The Problem

Horizon is the East Coast’s premier HVAC company, with multiple brands under its umbrella. Snell was one of the first Horizon brands to receive custom home service digital marketing solutions from Youtech. They were frustrated with the lack of results mentioning them on the search engine results pages and wanted to rank higher to get more appointment requests.

The Goal

Snell and Youtech agreed that they needed a better SEO strategy to help them appear to people Googling HVAC specialists. Snell wanted to increase the total number of monthly conversions, phone calls, and appointment requests the website receives.

Horizon Services

The Strategy

The Youtech team established an in-depth strategy using quality copywriting and SEO best practices.

Custom Service Pages
In-depth explanations of services
Optimized with backlinks and internal linking
Local Landing Pages
Tailored content to specific locations
City-specific keywords and services
New Blogs
Optimized with SEO keywords
Covered relevant industry topics

SEO Results

As of February 2019, the team at Youtech started providing innovative HVAC SEO services suitable to Horizon’s size, business type, and end goal. Once the company witnessed valuable results, Youtech then advanced in their efforts, taking on both SEO and PPC services at the start of April.


organic conversions


organic sessions


organic new users


organic pageviews

Horizon SEO Results

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