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Your sanctuary can sometimes be a hell house. Pipes leak, AC cuts off, toilets clog, and garbage disposal’s jam, all without a moment’s notice. As much as we like it too, our home will not always be dependable. But ServiceMark will always be, supplying you with the services you need to keep your heart where your home is.

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Horizon Services


Stand Out from their Competitors.

Simply put, ServiceMark wanted to stand out from their competitors. For them, their goals were all congruent. By maximizing their brand awareness and expanding their search visibility, naturally following suit was an increase of traffic, thus, an increase of revenue. Everybody wins.


As of February 2019, Youtech provided a Premium SEO package, suitable to Horizon’s size, business type, and end goal. Once the company witnessed valuable results, Youtech then advanced in their efforts, taking on both SEO and PPC services at the start of April.

Content Marketing.

As far as Content Marketing, ServiceMark already possessed overall quality content and an effective website. They just needed a few tweaks to boost their brand. Luckily, Youtech was able to make small adjustments that made significant impact through site and on-page optimization, and Image Compression and resizing. However, alterations was the just the details; Most of the heavy lifting was done through SEO.


SEO was a significant goal for ServiceMark. It’s one thing to be better, but to be known for being better is another. That’s why Youtech offered a Premium SEO that effectively makes Service Mark more visible, through higher rankings, citation building, site optimization, and much, much more. As they say with SEO, more is more. Some SEO services Youtech provided includes:

Keyword Research
Monthly Analytics Reports
Extensive Competitor Research & Competitor Monitoring
CRM Setup/Management
Link-Building + Off-page Optimization & more

PPC & Advertising.

Successful pay-per-click ads can be, ultimately, one of the most fruitful strategies for your brand. And Youtech understood what needed to be done for substantial results.Through extensive keyword match-type, audience targeting, and quality display of video ads and social media, in the limited time on Horizon, Youtech has made some positive results.

Increased organic traffic through google by 4%
Increased Users by 12%
Increased Sessions by 14%
Increased Pageviews by 3%
Decreased bounce rate by 1%

By the Numbers.

Since, beginning in February, Youtech has performed the following:


Organic Users Increased.


Bounce Rate Decreased.


Organic New Users Increased.


Organic Sessions Increased.

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