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M-Source is a solution that sticks. This e-commerce site is a powerhouse of industrial abrasives, adhesives, safety products, and tapes. M-Source is the largest international supplier of 3M bulk products on the market. They stand apart by going the extra mile for their customers, both figuratively and literally, by bringing 3M products overseas.

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Enhance Digital Presence.

M-Source had one major deterrent keeping them from their goal of becoming the premier source of 3M products; that barrier was their website. They wanted to enhance their digital presence to drive new traffic to their site and win market share, both domestically and internationally, and they knew Youtech was up for the challenge.


Keeping in mind M-Source’s goal to enhance their digital presence, Youtech executed a complete website rebuild to create a modern, user-friendly e-commerce site that is mobile compliant. Additionally, we used email marketing, SEO, and PPC advertising to drive an increase in conversions.

Email Marketing.

We used Email Marketing to create a relationship between M-Source and their audience and establish loyalty with their customer base. Each of these email campaigns helped us hook the user as they moved through the buying process.

Automated email when signing up
Abandon cart emails
Monthly subscriber emails
E-commerce thank you emails
Promotional emails


Our organic search efforts started with a complete website rebuild and transitioning them to a site that was mobile user-friendly. In doing this, we were able to create a more positive browsing experience and adhere to Google best practices. It also allowed us to optimize their website and create content that incorporated targeted keywords. Lastly, we set up individual pages for each product, prioritizing products with higher margins and putting the majority of our efforts toward optimizing those pages. We did this by testing a variety of variables to improve conversions:

Adding relevant information to the pages
Changing how buttons looked
Using customized descriptions for default items to make them rank higher

PPC & Advertisement

Youtech devised a strategic search campaign that targeted specific products and keywords to create ad relevance and generate conversions. Utilizing Google Analytics allowed us to analyze how much ad spend was being allocated for each keyword so we could evaluate our ROI.


See below for a Overall 1-Year Snapshot of our marketing efforts with 3M (M Source)


Users Overall.


Organic Users.


Avg. Order Value.


Avg. Cost per Click.

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