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FPE Automation is a full-service stocking distributor who specializes in designing automotive robotics for commercial clients. Their solutions have helped their customers streamline and improve everyday operations since 1963. They are innovators and creators of pneumatic and motion control solutions in a cost-effective manner.

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26 Weeks

Date Completed

February 2019



fpe automation


FPE Automation came to Youtech in need of a new website that was reflective of their company and the industry in which they served. Their current site needed a facelift, it was unresponsive, wasn’t user-friendly, and lacked organization. Our mission was threefold, create a website that was functional, visually appealing & up to date, and mobile responsive. They needed a better way to organize their product lines in a fashion that made sense and was easy to navigate in the field. FPE’s sales representatives often pulled information on the spot, so it was vital we create a streamlined process for them to access those materials.


FPE Automation partnered with Youtech to carry out a full website rebuild to update their site through organizing product lines, creating a resources portal for education, and making their site mobile responsive.

Let’s Get to the Nuts and Bolts of the Operation!

With FPE’s website goals in mind, Youtech put their heads down and got to work. The old website was lacking organization. To restore this, we created pages for each product line and broke them down into categories. Our team also made the site mobile compliant so it was accessible at the touch of a button. Both of these steps allowed us to create a user-friendly experience for potential and existing customers.

FPE also wanted to use their new site to educate its consumers on the industry and the solutions they’ve created. Our team was able to construct a resources portal for customers and employees to refer to, incorporating the different brands they’ve done business with. Lastly, we set up SEO for their site. Through keyword research, we were able to optimize FPE Automation’s images, metadata, and site content so they rank above the rest!

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