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What Is Youtalk?

Hosted by our Chief Marketing Officer, Michael Norris, Youtalk is an online show geared toward establishing relationships, offering advice, sharing stories, and getting the word out about original research. With an audience consisting of Youtech clients, marketing & sales pros, our personal networks, and past guests, the show aims to offer a real look inside the minds of industry professionals. Each segment aims to be around 15 minutes. The footage is raw, real, unrehearsed, and consists of just one take. We aim to publish a couple videos per week.

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Meet Our Host

Michael Norris – Chief Marketing Officer, Youtech.

Growing up, Michael’s dinnertime conversations always centered around marketing. His parents owned a marketing agency, which (as you might imagine) didn’t make for the most interesting of topics for a 10-year-old.

As he grew into his professional career, Michael began to use the accumulated knowledge to study the intricacies of the art. He leads our marketing team here at Youtech, where he establishes overall strategies and goals for brands in a variety of industries—taking diligent notes on the similarities and differences of each.

Outside of work, Michael has published a book on Type 1 Diabetes for charity, played more Mario Kart than anyone else on the planet, studied Philosophy in great depth, attempted to stick to a work out regimen, and strangely, sat on Bill Clinton’s toilet once. If you ask him about it, he’ll laugh.

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