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UrbanMatter is a nightlife and entertainment platform dedicated to helping Chicagoans keep tabs on what really matters in their city. With a monthly digital readership totaling over 150k – and a new mobile app boasting more than 13,000 downloads to date – UrbanMatter’s multinetwork approach to news and events makes it possible for local readers to stop relying on inauthentic, out-of-touch sources for the info they crave.

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Humble Beginnings.

Old Blog, Meet New Tricks.

With UrbanMatter, we were given the unique opportunity to build a modern media brand entirely from scratch. Beginning as Chicago Genie in 2015, UM got its start as a small-scale blog intent on using the insider knowledge of Youtech’s city-based writers to drive traffic. Recognizing a knack-for-news on behalf of our content creators – as well as a growing demand for reliable publications on the part of Chicagoans – it was the combined efforts of Youtech’s SEO, creative, and marketing teams that allowed us to take UrbanMatter from these humble beginnings confidently into the dog-eat-dog space of digital media.

Following a 2016 rebrand and some fresh new digs, what now separates UM from the rest of the pack is a strategy that shows off their penchant for authenticity. From their articles to their social media, UrbanMatter is a source that relishes in connecting its readers to the concerts, bars, restaurants, and lifestyles that matter most – and it shows.


Since taking up the UrbanMatter mantle in the fall of 2016, Youtech’s main goals have largely centered around growth, growth, and, of course, more growth.

Increasing Brand Recognition.

Increase brand recognition via SEO, social media, and traditional marketing methods.

Increasing Site Interaction.

Increase site interaction through engaging web design, multimedia, social media and content true to the platform’s native voice.

Expanding UrbanMatter’s Media Profile.

Expand UrbanMatter’s media profile by building an innovative, social app that encourages users to interact with the brand on the go.

Building Lasting Relationships.

Build lasting relationships with both partners and readers through traditional PR and modern engagement activities.

Methods to the Madness.

Trust us, building a fully-fleshed out media brand from the ground up is no easy feat. Some might even call it crazy. But with a hefty dose of strategy from Youtech’s crack-team in the mix, we hit that same ground running.

Content Creation.

UrbanMatter prides themselves on leading the charge with reliable information and opinions when it comes to Chicago entertainment. That’s why their content is written by real, city-savvy Chicagoans and edited personally by our team in-house.

Web Design.

A fresh new website built to match fresh opinions, UrbanMatter’s online presence is clean, cool, and easy to navigate – quickly getting UM readers to exactly what they were looking for.


Our SEO plan for UrbanMatter includes individual location landing pages, events listings, targeted keyword data, and a backlink outreach plan that drives thousands of users to the site per month, ultimately increasing rankings and domain authority across the board.

Building Lasting Relationships.

Build lasting relationships with both partners and readers through traditional PR and modern engagement activities.

Social Media Management.

Ticketed giveaways, influencer sponsorships, and hashtag campaigns have all garnered a large following for UM across multiple accounts. The brand’s distinct attitude and voice is maintained via community engagement performed by our editorial staff themselves.


A targeted PPC campaign using branded video and display pieces has led to thousands of app downloads to date.


In an effort to keep the growing UM audience satisfied (and to continue expanding the brand’s presence across all potential platforms) Youtech’s app development squad set to work in 2017 on creating a one-of-a-kind, interactive mobile app that not only fits neatly into the UrbanMatter brand, but also widens their audience pool to a national scale.

Find what really matters.

Unlike some other review platforms we know, the UrbanMatter mobile app uses a map-based interface to let users search by exactly what they’re looking for. Desperate for a bar with really cheap drinks? Searching for a spot with particularly yummy pasta? Prefer a chill vibe for a Thursday night out on the town?

Simply open up UrbanMatter, enter the type of place you’d like to visit (i.e. ‘Italian Restaurants,’ ‘Bars,’ ‘Coffee Shops’), select the Matters pins that are most important to you, and watch the UM map populate with all the criteria-matched locations in your area. The UrbanMatter app crowdsources real-time info on local restaurants, bars, and venues directly from the locals themselves to find what really matters.


When it comes to UM, the proof of Youtech’s strategic success is in the numbers.

Over 30% increase in site users year-over-year, every year
Over 13k app users to date
150k+ monthly website users
52k Facebook followers
5.7k Instagram followers
4.6k Twitter followers
>500k average monthly reach on Facebook
>110k monthly impressions on Instagram and Twitter
>90k monthly engagements across all platforms
2k average followers gained monthly

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