Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing has quickly become an integral part of branding and gaining a loyal following. People look to fashion influencers for outfit inspiration, YouTube videos for makeup tutorials, Instagram Fitness Influencers for workouts—the list goes on and on. This service is a great opportunity to share your brand with influencers who, in turn, can share with their followers and increase brand awareness on your behalf. Additionally, by partnering with influencers, you can establish an affiliate program that will help to encourage sales.

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How We Can Help

Implement Goals.

Expand brand awareness: this is done through various methods such as posts, videos, writing, and more
Extending your audience reach: virtually introduce yourself to new potential customers
Generate sales: by utilizing affiliate programs, influencers can share unique codes to help drive sales—when their code is used at checkout, the customer receives a discount on the purchase and the influencer earns a commission from the sale

Create a Presence.

Instagram: photos, videos, and stories
YouTube: videos
Facebook: posts and videos
Blogs: posts, social shares of blogs

We’ll Find the Talent.

We utilize influencer marketing strategies and deep-rooted connection to find vetted, widespread talent.


Our Process.

Determine Influencer Strategy and Objectives.

We’ll meet with you to gain a better understanding of your business, objectives, and goals with influencer marketing. This will help to unfold the target platforms and influencer types we will pursue. During this time, we will discuss product distribution. Our team will create a custom campaign strategy that includes projects broken down by platforms to target, types of influencers to target, and main objectives for each project.

Campaign and Project Creation.

At this time, a campaign and project brief will be created and implemented into our influencer management platform. More questions may be revealed at this time in which your collaboration may be warranted.

Influencer Identification and Outreach.

From here, we figure out who best matches your brand and has followers in your targeted audience. We validate the influencer’s followers and ensure that they have a low fake following percentage. If the influencer is a good match for our project, we will reach out, foster communication, and negotiate terms with the influencer.

Campaign Activation.

Once we have matched the perfect match, we arrange for the product to be delivered to the influencer, as previously agreed upon during the initial influencer strategy meeting. We review drafts of the influencer’s content to ensure it aligns with the brand’s aesthetic and messaging before it is published. Once the content has been posted, we continue to communicate with and maintain a relationship with the influencer.

Performance Tracking.

Once the content has been posted, we will complete a review of engagement, reach, sentiment of comments, and more. We use the information gathered to plan future campaigns based on the most successful activations. We identify key influencers to consider for future campaigns, or further, to be a brand ambassador.


Influencer Campaign Setup.

Campaign Strategy: Campaign and project objective defined, projects further broken down by influencer type(s) and platform(s).
Campaign and Project Brief Creation: Creation of overarching campaign, and individual project briefs.
Influencer Identification: Identify influencers that best embody your brand. Vet and complete outreach.

Influencer Campaign Management.

Campaigning and Project Brief Updates: Ongoing monthly.
Influencer Project Negotiation: Negotiate project terms and payment with the influencer.
Product to Influencer Arrangement: Collect information needed to send the product(s) to the influencer. Package and ship accordingly.
Influencer Identification: Ongoing monthly.
Content Review: Review influencer content and provide feedback as needed.
Monthly Reporting: Influencer analytics will be shared on a monthly basis.

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