Reputation Management

You are what they think you are.

Reputation management is the act of influencing an individual or group’s reputation. Oftentimes, organizations will enlist the help of a PR firm like Youtech to control both online & offline opinion, especially during a crisis.

With search engines dictating what stories people see first, it has become increasingly important for brands to communicate their positions at the top of the results.

Protect your rep

“Are you a robot?” is the question prompted by captcha warnings. When we tick the box “I am not a robot,” we’re acknowledging our existence as human beings, complex individuals with emotions, ideas, and who, above all, make mistakes. We are not robots, pre-programmed to say and do the right thing all the time. Occasionally, we act impulsively, buckle under pressure, and miss the mark. But that’s okay — that’s the human in us.

The first step in reputation management is admitting you are human and that you will make mistakes. Reputation management is not about perfection; it’s about managing expectations, trying to do the hard things well, and celebrating achievements in the human experience.

Online Reputation Management

Monitoring online reviews
Addressing damaging content
Improvement of positive search results
Suppression of negative search results

Offline Reputation Management

Crisis communications management
Strategic repositioning
Offline media visibility

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