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Since 1981, Texadelphia has been serving up the iconic Original Texas Cheesesteak™. It’s food from Philly, with an authentic, delicious twist. Texadelphia is the go-to spot for great food, great service, and even better times. Perfect to end a night out or to start watching the big game, Texadelphia has delighted its patrons for decades.

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The Goal.

To increase brand awareness in Texas for a forgotten fan-favorite restaurant.

People love this classic Texas eatery—but Texadelphia was in a bit of a rut when it came to brand recognition. They needed the help of Youtech to refresh their image and to stay relevant in the Texas food sector.

Working on their advertising strategy was essential to increase the brand awareness and user engagement. Luckily, our advertising agency never jokes around with food, nor with its marketing strategy.

The Plan.

Texadelphia has a strong foundation: tasty and high-quality food, loyal customers, and great locations all over Texas. And with Youtech’s marketing expertise, they let everyone know why Texadelphia was and still is out of this world. From a complete website redesign to a vibrant social media presence, Youtech uplifted the brand right back to its former glory days.

Web Design.

Utilizing Texadelphia’s classic red color and bold imagery, Youtech’s expert designers redesigned the website to include classic elements with a modern twist—true to Texadelphias’ overall goal.

Social Media Marketing.

Using vibrant, high-resolution pictures, engaging captions, and a streamlined social media strategy, the Texadelphia Instagram and Facebook got a complete makeover.


What better way to push brand awareness than by targeting the exact audience they want? Youtech strategized, created, and carried out awareness and retargeting campaigns. Thanks to our PPC services, Texans know: Texadelphia is back and better than ever.

The Results.


Social Media Impressions.

69, 278

People Reached Through Social Ads.


Website Sessions via Organic Traffic.

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