Over Easy

Web Design

Founded in 2008 by celebrity Chef Aaron May, Over Easy is a daytime eatery featuring a modern twist on classic breakfast, brunch, and lunch. With its cheery decor, exquisite day-time cocktails, and made-from-scratch breakfast staples—this restaurant has gone from Phoenix’s best breakfast spot to a widely beloved franchise, reclaiming breakfast across the country from Bellingham to Tavernier.

Enjoy a one of a kind breakfast experience at Over Easy. Through the years the brand remains committed to the original popular recipes and modern classic diner decor that gained national notoriety from its beginning. Over Easy has been featured on several popular national TV shows including the Food Network, Bon Appétit Magazine, Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives, The Best Thing I Ever Ate, The List, and more.


8 Weeks

Date Completed

May 2020



Batter Up

The most important meal of the day deserves a website to back it up. Over Easy came to Youtech with a significant goal; They wanted to create a website that mirrored the Over Easy brand. Fun, bright, cheery, modern yet classic—they were looking for something new and out of the ordinary.

Sunny Side Up

Youtech was able to whip up an unforgettable website. With our incredible design team, we created a fun and engaging website through the process of building, designing, and installing functional features to generate personalized user experience. We used fun animations, unique hover interactions, and stellar video visuals that best exemplifies Over Easy. Youtech also paid attention to the details; We built out the menu page for users to view everything directly on the page for both desktop and mobile.

User Experience

We constructed their website with features that allow users to flow seamlessly from page to page.

Mobile-Friendly User Interface

We stylized a responsive user interface for mobile that delivers a consistent, high-quality user experience no matter what device they’re using to access the site. We also built for mobile-first indexing to ensure the version of the website users see on their phone is the one Over Easy wants them to.

Custom Design

Youtech devised eye-catching designs with clean-cut content and a popping color scheme that leaves a lasting impression.

A Toast to Incredible Design

With Over Easy’s new website, we let competitors know that we’re not yolking around. Youtech was able to successfully mirror the Over Easy brand and create an unforgettable website experience.

Eggcited to get started?

So are we