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The Problem

Nutrition Faktory is a premier health and fitness company catering to all people at any stage in their fitness journey. They specialize in selling pre-workout, protein powders, and supplements. While their online storefront is not lacking, their marketing was. They needed a bigger online presence and increased brand awareness to boost their overall revenue.

The Goal

Nutrition Faktory was looking to optimize their website while running improved ads on social media and Google to help them reach their overall goals of partnering with more brands and opening more franchises.

Nutrition Faktory - The Goal

The Strategy

Youtech put together a marketing plan that included an aggressive SEO strategy, an overhaul in their paid social ads, and a rebuild of their entire Google Merchant Center.

Keywords to generate more traffic
Customized, optimized product descriptions
Emphasis on popular supplement brands
New, custom-written monthly blogs
Paid Social
New ad copy and custom-designed creatives to keep ads in line with holidays and promotions
Optimizations for brand awareness
Retargeting past purchasers through personalized audiences
Rebuild of GMC
A move to Performance Max from Standard Shopping
Constant monitoring of product listings
Weekly budget allocations and updates

The Results

Nutrition Faktory’s online store was not optimized for search to drive the number of sales they were looking for. With their website lacking good SEO and the presence of Google Ads, Nutrition Faktory needed a stronger online marketing strategy to target the right people in their industry and increase brand awareness. With Youtech’s help, Nutrition Faktory increased their sales by 59%, allowing them to expand their online offers with new products and focus on building out their franchise base with physical stores. With the increase in marketing performance Nutrition Faktory has been able to help users convert faster and shorten their sales funnel, which increased their average order value by 21%.

Nutrition Faktory Results

SEO Results

Our non-branded keyword strategy has been focused on addressing Categories, Product Detail, and Blog content strategically, using low difficulty keywords that generate large volumes of search traffic and funneling it through the appropriate pages.
The strategy for Collection pages has been to prioritize valuable supplement content below the H1 and just above the products listed.
The strategy for Product pages has been utilizing the product names in priority areas for on-page SEO such as the H1 and H2 headings, as well as including the brand as a secondary keyword.
For Blogs, the best success for generating new users from organic search has come from creating content around supplements (namely ingredients over formulations/products) to help educate.




average order value



Nutrition Faktory SEO Results

Paid Social Results

Continuously implemented ad copy and creative refreshes to keep ads up to date with the holiday season and promotions running on the site.
Optimized for brand awareness and sales using traffic and conversion campaigns.
Targeted those with potential interest in the products based on relevant interests and lookalike audiences.
Retargeted users who have made purchases and has shown high intent of making a future purchase using custom audiences.





Nutrition Faktory PPC Results

PPC Results

We rebuilt the entire merchant center, found and crafted descriptions to each product.
We created a supplemental feed to make modifications without affecting the shopify listings and info on site.
We moved the client from standard shopping and search to smart shopping, and then again to performance max.
We constantly monitor the product listings to ensure our products are staying live and the product performance and have constructed campaigns based on ROI.







Nutrition Faktory PPC Results

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