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The Problem

Northwest Cedar is a fencing company serving the greater Chicagoland area and parts of Indiana. From installation to repair, they offer high-quality fencing services with all types of fencing materials. However, their previous agency wasn’t able to scale in the way they needed to get the word out about their business.

The Goal

Northwest Cedar wanted to increase their inbound leads, conversions, and ROAS while reducing costs and improving their communication on how their marketing dollars were being spent. They also wanted to have consistent branding across all channels—something highly important for not only getting more leads but better quality leads as well.

Northwest Cedar Goal

The Strategy

Youtech audited Northwest Cedar’s entire marketing strategy and got to work adjusting and improving strategies in the following three categories to help meet the goals.

Increased content amount on service pages
Inserted high search volume keywords
Focused on a branded and non-branded keyword strategy
Moved budgets around campaigns
Updated and altered ad copy
Social Ads
Full-funnel approach, targeting people in all stages of the buying process
Increased ad spend while adding in new ads
Utilized top value props that distinguish Northwest Cedar from the rest

The Results

After researching what was available, we wanted an industry leader, and that’s when Youtech started to change everything. From the first business meeting with Wilbur and Audrey and many of the Youtech team, the strategies they proposed were nothing we had ever implemented. To be honest, most of the strategies we didn’t even know existed. We took the leap of faith and signed on with Youtech. It has been almost eight months and the results have been beyond anything we expected. It took about 3 months before they had everything they hoped to do to be in full swing. We have doubled our sales totals every month and expect February to be our first triple-up.

Northwest Cedar - The Results

I have been in business for over 30 years. We have tried every marketing strategy out there. Direct mailings, magazines, radio, and even television commercials. Sales were consistent and word-of-mouth referrals kept the business in a steady growth pattern, but we needed something new.

I cannot thank Youtech enough. They have literally changed the whole way we look at business now. Thank you so much for everything you have done. You were right about everything!

SEO Results

After the new site went up, added additional content to the “stage pages”
New content allowed for more and better keyword insertion—keywords went up to +35 over three months
High volume keyword insertion allowed the site to rank better organically
URL rating increased +1


website sessions


website users



Northwest Cedar SEO Results

PPC Results

We are using search advertising, focusing on a branded and non-branded keyword strategy. The client never ran PPC in the past, so we had to figure out what worked for them over the first few weeks. February saw increases once we worked out some kinks in our strategy such as excluding search terms that don’t convert, moving budgets between campaigns, altering ad copy, and using enhanced conversion tracking to get the most precise tracking for form fills.







Social Ads Results

Full-funnel approach – Running both lead generation and conversions campaigns alongside traffic and retargeting
Utilizing the lead generation campaign alongside traffic and conversion allows us to ensure we are hitting the target audience at every touch point- and giving them an opportunity to fill out a form/contact us at the perfect moment, in the easiest way
Increased spend from $32.24/day to $148/day (end of December), then jumped to $400/day (January), then $600/day (February), now we are at $720/day (March)
For the jump from $148 to $400 – we added in 4 new ads into the lead generation and conversion campaigns, and 4 new ads for the retargeting campaign
We also added in a new campaign optimizing for Calls directly off the Facebook Ad
For the jump from $600 – $720, we added in 3 new ads into the lead generation and conversion campaigns and 1 new ad for the retargeting campaign
For each creative refresh, we have tried to pull in the top value props that distinguish Northwest Cedar Fence from the rest (winter installation, getting ahead of the spring/summer rush, a promotion, quick installation, etc.)
Testing animated/video in the most recent round






landing page views

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