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The Problem

Ned Stevens, one of the largest residential exterior home cleaning services in the U.S., originally came to Youtech to help with an audit. Neds was experiencing an issue with its marketing & sales funnel.

Youtech dove into their data analytics platform, exploring code in addition to combing through their sales outcomes. Over the course of weeks, Youtech was able to pinpoint issues, opening up significant sales opportunities. We presented a better path forward to their PE group.

From here, Youtech took over SEO for Ned Stevens and its acquisition brands. Youtech was able to push Ned Stevens to large year-over-year increases in rankings, traffic, and customers. As a trusted partner, Youtech even helped Neds with PPC and LSA management for a few months while Neds restructured internal responsibilities.

The Goal

Ned Stevens had two primary goals, the first of which was to rank #1 for gutter cleaning in each of the locations it serviced, and the second, an increase in booked business.

Ned Stevens The Goal

Youtech stepped in, quickly assessed our current state, and suggested changes that drove fast success.

They were incredibly easy to work with, and they not only cared about driving great results, but also about our company. I highly recommend their team to everyone except our competitors.

YouRank SEO Results

Since the start of our SEO campaigns in April 2023, Ned Stevens has seen great YoY growth in website traffic, engagements, and conversions.


Increase in organic sessions


Increase in engaged sessions


Increase in organic conversions

SEO Results

GMB Results

Since the start of our SEO campaigns in April 2023, Ned Stevens has seen great YoY growth in local Google My Business searches & actions.


Website actions


Phone actions


Maps Impressions


Driving directions actions

Facebook Ads Results

We launched social ads for Ned Stevens in May of 2023. Here are some of the increases we’ve seen since taking over.

In our first full month of runtime


increase in leads


decrease in cost per lead


increase in landing page views


increase in clicks


increase in impressions

Comparing YoY


increase in spend


increase in clicks


increase in landing page views


increase in impressions


increase in conversions
Youtech considers “Leads” and “20-second Phone Calls” to be conversions. Before, Ned Stevens was optimizing for “Initiated Checkouts”

PowerBI Metrics YoY (lead channel=facebook)


increase in raw leads


increase in total leads


decrease in ad spend


decrease in CAC


increase in ROAS

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