LGO Hospitality

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Foregoing the American fast-food chain mentality, LGO Hospitality works hard to create unique eating experiences catered to local audiences. Their team of 1,0000 operates over a dozen businesses across California and Arizona.

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LGO Hospitality

The Goal.

Increase new user traffic to websites.

LGO needed a website with as much presence as their extraordinary establishments. Beginning with their most popular websites, they sought out our digital marketing agency and advertising experts to give them a results-driven revamp.

The Plan.

In the food industry, a strong digital footprint has become essential to staying on the map. Youtech was more than happy to get in the kitchen with LGO Hospitality and cook up a delicious marketing plan. Here’s how we devised a robust digital presence for LGO.


We collaborated on an aligned SEO strategy and set up Google Analytics so we could monitor their goal progress and adjust as needed.

Web Design.

We completely redesigned several websites around optimized SEO and user experience, giving LGO the space to hone in on their brand.

The Results.


Increase in Users.


Increase in Avg. Session Duration.


Increase in Page Views.

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