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A passion to help people live without vein disease inspired Dr. Gilvydis to found Gilvydis Vein Clinic in Sycamore, IL in 2013. Following its popularity, he and his team expanded their services to Geneva in 2017 and Naperville in 2021. To date, they’ve performed over 20,000 successful laser vein treatments.

Their excellence in vein treatment and individualized care means they’re recognized as one of only four IAC-accredited vein clinics in Illinois.

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Drive Up Leads and Increase Brand Awareness.

Gilvydis Vein Clinic has stellar customer service, but they needed to increase their leads to maintain a full schedule for their doctors. Unlike a lot of well-known vein clinics—which only offer quick fixes—GVC also wanted to make patients aware that they provide comprehensive, long-lasting treatment. Lucky for them, building brand awareness and lead generation is Youtech’s bread and butter.

The Plan.

With these key goals in mind, we got to work on scaling solutions that would prove just as worthwhile as their treatment options. If search engine optimization, social media management and web design needed some elbow grease, your favorite digital marketing agency knew how to roll up their sleeves. Check out what we prescribed these vein doctors below.


To get the right message to the right people, we went after a geographically based audience. We campaigned around select treatments so the neighborhood could see what they were missing.


Can’t get those form fills without an easy-to-navigate website! On top of giving their site a clean-cut face-lift, we’ve also helped touch up their logo templates and other graphic elements.


Thanks to our diligent research and testing that pinpointed the root of the low conversion issue, we expertly planted key pieces of missing information that effectively GVC’s powerful message.


To hone in on and resonate with key demographics, women over the age of 45, we crafted meaningful content on wellness tips, inspirational stories, life-changing services, and more.

By the Numbers.

Let’s shed some light on our marketing efforts and show our true colors. Youtech is becoming more and more data-driven by the day to configure the most effective ways to use ad spend. The smartest person in the room doesn’t always spend the most money; we know it’s the small details that make a difference. PPC optimization can therefore have a high impact on your marketing strategy’s profitability and your business’ web development.

Since taking over Gilvydis Vein Clinic paid advertising efforts, and making numerous optimizations, Youtech increased nearly all metrics within their campaign and eliminated wasted spend.


Conversation Rate Increase.


Leads Increase.


Organic Traffic Increase.

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