American-Made Hunting Brand Gets +39% Purchases, Biggest Month in Sales Yet

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The Problem

FORLOH, a technical hunting brand, has high-end, American-made gear and apparel that rake in hundreds of five-star reviews. However, they were struggling to increase brand awareness and get new site users to convert and make a purchase. They weren’t ranking for transactional queries and weren’t getting much organic traffic to their products and collections.

The Goal

FORLOH wanted to increase new customers, improve ROAS, and drive more site traffic.

FORLOH Lifestyle

The Strategy

Youtech knew that they needed to put a well-rounded SEO and PPC strategy in place to drive awareness, drive traffic, and get those conversions. The moment FORLOH signed, we got right to work.

Optimized product and collection pages
Added new collection pages
Used competitor analysis to address weak areas and improve
Began running ROI campaigns—search, display, Youtube
Carefully monitored budgets
Adjusted based on current performance and future attribution

I could not be happier with the exceptional support and outstanding results that Youtech Agency has provided to FORLOH in the e-commerce space this year. Their expertise and dedication have truly transformed our online presence and propelled our business to new heights.

Their team has not only demonstrated a deep understanding of the e-commerce landscape but also embraced our brand’s unique identity, enabling us to stand out in a competitive market. Through their expertise in paid media, search engine optimization (SEO), social media advertising, and content marketing, Youtech Agency significantly enhanced our online visibility and brand awareness. They leveraged their knowledge of e-commerce best practices to drive targeted traffic to our website, resulting in increased sales and revenue.

Jessica Monroe


SEO Results

We have successfully optimized product and collection pages to get them ranking in the top 10 positions for high volume, non-brand keywords. For example: down vest, men’s outdoor clothing, hunting belt, cold weather gear, etc.
We have added & optimized new collection pages to help users find the gear they need (hunting, fishing, cold weather, warm weather, etc.), and these pages have also helped organic search performance.
We’ve identified content gaps that we wrote and optimized blog content to fill, which has brought new users to the site and boosted the overall authority of FORLOH in the hunting and outdoor space.
Used competitor analysis to identify where FORLOH was ranking lower than competitors for specific groups of keywords and planned optimizations to successfully address weak areas.









SEO Results

PPC Results

We ran hyper-efficient ROI campaigns and then a massive awareness push in September through November. We more than doubled their revenue with only a sub-9% increase in CPA. During this time, we had 59 million impressions across our search ads, video ads on YouTube and YouTube TV, and our display/discovery campaigns.
For the massive awareness push, we utilized specific state targeting where we resonated best on YouTube to ensure they consistently saw the ads more than once or twice. Discovery and display were country-wide, utilizing strict audiences and placements.
The ROI campaigns were mainly run using brand and PMAX, where ROI conditions were set, and budgets were carefully monitored and adjusted based on current performance and future attribution. This all accumulated in November 2023, being their highest sales month of all time with October 2023 also being their second-highest sales month.











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