Lawn Care Team With Decades of Experience Gets +273.6% Conversions YoY

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The Problem

ExperiGreen, a team of highly experienced lawn care and pest control experts, didn’t feel they were getting the care they needed or an overall hands-on approach to make them more successful from their past agency. Their CPA was too high and stagnant, and ExperiGreen wasn’t seeing the number of leads they wanted to grow the company.

The Goal

ExperiGreen’s overall goal was to drive more leads while lowering the overall CPA coming from Google. Lawn Care in the Midwest is competitive, and ExperiGreen wanted to service all the clients they could.

ExperiGreen Goal

The Strategy

Youtech knew that in order to hit ExperiGreen’s goals, they needed highly detailed and targeted ad campaigns. They overhauled old landing pages and launched new ads to get more leads.

Implemented new keywords
Launched PMAX campaigns with updated assets
Re-wrote and redesigned landing pages

I recommend working with Renee and with her team. She and the rest of Youtech have been extremely accommodating with our request on our new website.

They even worked outside of their office hours to make sure we didn’t run into any issues when we launched the site. I am looking forward to this partnership and achieving our SEO goals in the future.

PPC Results

Added Clickcease to prevent spam form fills and calls
Weekly keyword and search terms audits, addition of negatives, and audience observations
Geo-specific budget pacing and allocation
Biweekly placement exclusions and website audits
Ad copy updates using dynamic location insertion
Target expansion within geo range based on residential/HHI research
Complete ad copy refresh, landing page overhaul, and seasonal text changes
Conversion setup and bid strategy changed to max conversions
Keyword expansion and consolidation




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