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Evil Controllers leads the way in custom gaming, creating personalized pro, eSports-ready, and modded controllers for Xbox One and Playstation 4. Consider it an edge to gaming you didn’t know was needed. But that’s not all.

Evil Controllers specializes in designing personalized controllers that meet the needs of any gamer with a disability or limited mobility. Not all gamers approach gaming the same way. This is why Evil Controllers works with those who have custom needs to create the best-personalized controller and provide an excellent gaming experience.

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Evil Controllers


Level Up.

Social media is a battle royale—platforms from all industries duke it out, showcasing their specialized skills to become the best brand standing. Only the fittest remain in the battle for engagement.

Evil Controllers came to Youtech looking to define their brand in the gaming industry among leading competitors. They wanted to establish a brand name, and bring attention to their highly customized capabilities, but weren’t sure how to make that happen. It was simple; Evil Controllers wanted more visibility, which means more awareness driving more traffic to ultimately more sales.

Customized Game Plan for Customized Gaming.

We sat down with Evil Controllers to discuss the vision of their brand, content objectives, and post types. Next, we revealed findings in our social media audit and walked through our proposed content and follower growth strategies. Taking the time to understand the company, Youtech was able to implement a social media plan so good—it was Evil.

Youtech created a seamless social media brand, showcasing Evil Controllers’ highly customizable faceplates with modern, sleek graphics while also keeping gamers updated with the latest gaming news, promotions, and controller giveaways. This essentially got new gamers’ attention and maximized the number of brand loyalists.

Follower Growth Strategy & Implementation.

We initiated external page engagement to gain exposure and follower growth (i.e. following local Instagram pages; interacting in industry-related Instagram groups, etc.).

Custom Graphics.

We implemented custom graphics tailored to their brand and vision, created by our design team.


One of the fastest ways to generate new followers, Youtech suggested giveaways and promo campaigns, implemented and ran campaigns, monitored success and captured information.

Monthly Reporting.

To keep Evil Controllers up to date on their social media success, Youtech shared account analytics on a monthly basis.


Youtech took control of Evil Controller’s social media platform, and in just a short amount of time, maximized social engagement and witnessed stunning results. Let’s take a look at a couple of statistics.


Generated Followers in Two Months


Avg. Impressions for Giveaways.

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