Dear Retail Investors

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Created by retail investors for retail investors, Dear Retail Investors is a tool you can use to advocate for, educate, and enrich yourself within a hidden corner of the stock market: small caps. Find promising, modern insights to make your own investment and profit opportunities.

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Dear Retail


Grow an influential following.

Dear Retail Investors set out to create an engaged community of like-minded investors looking for an edge in the small-cap market. The community building efforts would therefore be through email subscriptions and on organic platforms. Doing so could better leverage interest in company picks.

The Plan.

If anyone could help Dear Retail achieve fast growth, it was going to be Youtech. So our marketing experts consulted them on how to best resonate with their audience and build an engaged community. No surprise—their investment paid off big.

Social Media Management.

We focused efforts on Facebook and Twitter for user interaction multiple times a week. Posts range from articles to podcasts to memes.

Paid Social.

Paid social works in tandem with other platforms to diversify communication channels for increased reach. Perfect for community building right?


We added PPC alongside Facebook ads and a mix of other platforms to maximize our connections and overall pay-per-click success.

YouRank SEO.

Our SEO team got hard to work optimizing the website and producing original content, including weekly newsletters, to increase user experience and ranking.

The Results.


Increase in Email Subscribers.


Increase in Organic Web Traffic.


Increase in Ranking Keywords.

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