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Mdrive is an adaptogen powered men’s supplement, clinically proven to naturally support testosterone, and much more. With old age comes the baggage with it: perpetual stress, tiredness, fogginess, joint pain, and overall declining health. Wanting men to feel like the days of their youth, Mdrive aimed to create a natural solution. So they did just that, formulating a rich supplement that improves health, longevity, and performance in the day-to-day routine of aging men.

Whether on the trail, at work, or at home, Mdrive features a wide assortment of supplements to fit your direct needs. Need more energy to get through the day, reduce stress at the office, or improve your performance at the gym? Mdrive provides a natural solution.

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Date Started

May 2019


mdrive supplements


Transparent Authentic Solution

We’ve all heard of supplements promising to boost our health and transform our lives.

In the sea of supplement brands with false claims and misleading ads, Mdrive wanted to stand out against the noise to present a transparent, authentic solution. They wanted to create a strong online presence, thus, increasing sales. Having no prior experience in running ads, Mdrive connected with Youtech. With an initial meeting to understand the fabric of their company, our agency was able to strategize the ultimate plan to make Mdrive a trustworthy product to online customers.

And the rest was history.


Mdrive had the vision to scale their online presence; Youtech had the tools to make it happen. We gave Mdrive the full treatment: Premium SEO, PPC, and Social Ads.


In order to scale their online store and maximize sales, Youtech devised a strategic SEO plan to effectively drive higher keywords, boost the company’s prominence among social platforms, and build quality backlinks.


We executed a seamless ad campaign using display marketing, retargeting, along with programmatic advertising to drive brand awareness and encourage users to convert.

Social Ads

To increase Mdrive’s digital presence, we put vigorous efforts in crafting polished social ads with stunning visuals and intriguing content for both Facebook and Instagram platforms.


Thanks to Youtech, health wasn’t the only thing improving with Mdrive. Since May 2019, Mdrive’s sales increased drastically, placing its brand at the forefront of men’s supplements. Let’s take a look at a few stats.

Increased traffic from paid traffic by


Increased traffic from socials ads by


Increased revenue from paid traffic by


Increased revenue from socials ads by


mdrive supplements


No matter how saturated your industry may seem, Youtech can find a precise entry point to streamline your brand and outshine competitors.

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