Mobile App Development

These days, everything is on mobile. Having a simple website or Facebook page in order to connect with your audience just doesn’t cut it anymore. From startup to enterprise, mobile business applications are imperative marketing tools. With mobile app development services, you can build your customer base, drive leads, and improve the overall customer experience by allowing users to access your brand at their fingertips.

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Our Mobile App Development Process.

Youtech helps you leverage mobile technology for your business with our mobile app development services. We have years of experience in gamification, augmented reality, loyalty apps, and more, to bring high-performing, swift results to companies in Chicago, Phoenix, and Dallas. Our in-house development and design teams work together to merge top-notch code and UX/UI inspired design. For both Android and iOS, we deliver modern mobile apps that succeeds in expert usability, top performance, novel capability, and versatile features.

Our process begins with an intimate understanding of the rational and emotional appeal your mobile app should bring users. From there, we take your vision and bring it to life. Our team excels in utilizing the latest tried and tested technologies to produce a solution that delights users.


First, we’ll determine the MVP (minimum viable product) of your idea that solves a problem unlike any other mobile application on the market. A strong focus on the MVP gives you the ability to get your app in front of customers quickly, receive feedback, tweak the output, and iterate.

A wireframe provides the development team, design team, and client with a roadmap of the product and how users will navigate each screen.

Then, we explore and identify third-party integration options and necessities.


Our MVP research provides designers with the necessary insight and inspiration to start the design prototype.

Mock screens are modified and approved.


In-house developers map high-level, rudimentary client-facing architecture and lay the infrastructure for the backend routing system.

The design prototype is approved and the development team threads the mock screens into the interface.


The app is tested by the development team, design team, client, and third-party objectives on iOS and Android devices before being submitted to the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

Finally, we troubleshoot errors if necessary.

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