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What You Need to Know About Acquisitions (We Just Went Through One!)

Episode Highlights: 1:18 – The Benefits of the Norton Norris Acquisition  3:03 – Why Now’s the Time to Invest Amid Pandemic  4:28 – Looking Back at Humble Beginnings  6:45 – Advice for Entrepreneurship  7:08 – Surround Yourself With Good People 7:57 – Fail Your Way to the Top 10:17 – Why the Higher Ed Industry?  12:13 – Advice on Acquisition 

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Open Letter to Youtech – 7 Years Approaching

Dear Youtech, We are quickly approaching our 7-year anniversary, and I want you all to know how I excited I am about the future of this company, the future of your growth, and the ability to adjust and adapt to the latest trends and obstacles. We have come such a long way in 7 years, and just to see the

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Inside the Youtech Rebrand: Why We Did It and How

  Research says that on average, brands and organizations change their corporate identities once every seven to 10 years. Whether it be to reposition, internationalize, change markets, or improve a bad reputation, a rebrand is a deliberate act of unified change. Being just shy of seven years old, it was about time for Youtech to experience a rebrand. Why Youtech

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