Our Team

Warning: Millennials ahead. Proceed with caution.

Meet the team eagerly awaiting to work with you! We’re biased, but we think we’re the greatest bunch of nerds, artists, neat freaks, Target shoppers, sports fans, dog lovers, beanie wearers, foodies, and caffeine addicts we know.

As diverse as we are, we’re all united under the desire to help you better connect with and serve your customers.


Wilbur You

Wilbur You.

Chief Executive Officer / Founder

Lauren Urban

Lauren Urban.

Chief Operating Officer

Michael Norris

Michael Norris.

Chief Marketing Officer

Frank Hilgers

Frank Hilgers.

VP of Technology


Nathin Arthur

Nathin Arthur.

Creative Director

Babs Stucker

Babs Stucker.

Senior Graphic Designer / Web Developer

Spencer Albright

Spencer Albright.

Senior Graphic Designer / Web Developer

David Moreno

David Moreno.

Graphic Designer / Web Developer

Arturo Hurtado

Arturo Hurtado.

Graphic Designer / Web Developer

Camille Roubik

Camille Roubik.

Graphic Designer / Web Developer


Eric Siemek

Eric Siemek.

Director of Search

Tara Hughes

Tara Hughes.

SR. SEO Specialist

Crystal Diaz

Crystal Diaz.

SR. SEO Specialist

Ryan Hanson

Ryan Hanson.

SEO Strategist

Colin Treat

Colin Treat.

SEO Specialist

Sarah Pearlstein

Sarah Pearlstein.

SEO Specialist


Jason Nehf

Jason Nehf.

Full Stack Developer

Jesse Barron

Jesse Barron.

Full Stack Developer


Tarik Rahman

Tarik Rahman.

Director of Paid

Cedric Bruce-Kotey

Cedric Bruce-Kotey.

Senior PPC Specialist

Micah German

Micah German.

PPC Specialist

Megan Mackenzie

Megan Mackenzie.

Paid Advertising Specialist

Steven Garry Parks

Steven Garry Parks.

PPC Specialist

Client Services.

Carrie Draper

Carrie Draper.

Senior Project Manager

Taylor Esch

Taylor Esch.

Project Manager

Audrey Roubik

Audrey Roubik.

Project Manager

Erika Kalpakoff

Erika Kalpakoff.

Project Manager

Richard Meyer

Richard Meyer.

Project Manager

Kali Cramer

Kali Cramer.

Account Manager

Kirsten McCann

Kirsten McCann.

Senior Events Marketing Manager

Lauren Bowen

Lauren Bowen.

Account Manager

Kendra Harris

Kendra Harris.

Marketing Events Coordinator


Jenna Grabowski

Jenna Grabowski.

Content Marketing Manager

Mariana Barros

Mariana Barros.

Videographer / Photographer

Arniecea Johnson

Arniecea Johnson.

Content Strategist

Hannah Carr

Hannah Carr.

Content Strategist


Shawn Herrick

Shawn Herrick.

Senior Digital Strategist

Steve Kujawa

Steve Kujawa.

Senior Digital Strategist

James Meador

James Meador.

Digital Strategist

Kenny Polley

Kenny Polley.

Digital Strategist

Moyin Adewole

Moyin Adewole.

Digital Strategist


Frank Sarnelli

Frank Sarnelli.

Senior Network Administrator

Eduardo Fernandez

Eduardo Fernandez.

Network Administrator


Manjiri Deshpande

Manjiri Deshpande.

Accountant / Business Manager

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