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Stephens Plumbing and Heating, Inc. is a premier plumbing contractor in Downers Grove, IL, and has served over 20,000 satisfied customers in the Chicagoland area. Dating back to before the Great Depression, Stephens Plumbing was among the first to provide sanitary drinking water to surrounding communities. This startup company quickly grew into an absolutely essential force in the way of plumbing, heating, and HVAC, now servicing around 600 to 800 clients every month. Whether you have a few leaky pipes or need an all-new kitchen, Stephens Plumbing can get the job done.



Date Started

July 2018


Their Goals

Stephens Plumbing had a few things in mind when they came to Youtech for help on improving their online presence. They wanted regular website audits to improve their organic traffic, among an increased keyword ranking and a better Click Through Rate (CTR). That sounded simple enough, so, with these goals in mind, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

Our Methods

It was spring cleaning time for Stephens Plumbing, so we cleared their website of all 404 errors, broken links, and dead-end clicks. Once we decluttered the mess, we began optimizing the site for all Google Ranking singles, such as having Stephens Plumbing show up in Google Maps, Images, and related SERPs. Then we pulled SEO HVAC Marketing into the mix by localizing their brand to drive higher local conversions. Our team also began writing SEO-focused custom content with the goal of generating a higher ranking in terms of local searches and services. Our final task was to optimize conversions to driver higher goal completions and CTRs.

The Results

We didn’t even need to cross our fingers. We already knew what would happen next.

Stephens Plumbing protects the health of our nation, so the least we could do is preserve the health of their online presence. Since our SEO-focused efforts, organic search for Stephens Plumbing skyrocketed, as did their new users, and with that enormous increase in organic traffic came conversion rates you simply can’t beat.

Organic search increased by


New websites users increased by


Conversion rates increased by a whopping


The craziest part?

All of these undertakings are ongoing, as the efforts of our SEO team continue to improve Stephens Plumbing’s Google ranking on a monthly basis.

If that doesn’t speak to the quality of our work, perhaps the success of our dozens of other happy clients can.

Got leaks in your website?

Let us do the dirty work.